Salad "Winter Dream"

 - Chicken - 250 g
 - Orange - 2 pcs
 - Cucumber - 1 pc
 - Broccoli
 - Mayonnaise - 50 g


Broccoli into florets to disassemble. Separately cut legs.
In boiling, well-salted water first leg throw cabbage - they cook for 4 minutes, then blossoms - they will be ready in 2 minutes. Cabbage take out of the boiling water. It must be cool.
Cucumbers cut into cubes.
Oranges cut in half and take out the pulp.
The flesh cut into cubes.
Part of the inflorescence cabbage and cut into smaller legs.
Boiled and cooled down chicken chop.
All products we add chopped into a deep container.
In container add mayonnaise.
All mix thoroughly.
The resulting mixture is prepared farshiruem oranges.
Decorate the finished dish broccoli florets and greens.


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