Salad "Ladies"

chicken (boiled) - 200 g,
canned pineapple - 150-200 g,
hard cheese (such as "Russian") - 70 g,
Garlic - 1 clove of large,
freshly ground black pepper

Boiled chicken cut into small cubes or strips. With pineapple drained and cut into cubes also. Grate the cheese on a fine or coarse grater.

Garlic pass through chesnokovyzhimalku or finely chop with a knife. Mix the garlic mayonnaise. In a bowl put the chicken, pineapple and cheese. Dress the salad with mayonnaise mixed with garlic. To taste, a little salt and pepper freshly ground pepper. Ready salad expanded in batchwise salad bowl and garnish with a drop of mayonnaise and a sprig of parsley.


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