Chicken tikka masala

This is not exactly a classic chicken tikka masala because I like to put a little more different vegetables, which are not typical for Tikki - and broccoli and leek and sweet pepper. And today, and without even yogurt prepared, it was necessary to use the cream immediately, it came out very tasty even without it!

Chicken fillet - 700 g
Tomatoes in own juice (shredded) - 200 gr
Leek - 1/2 piece
Sweet pepper - 2 pcs
Broccoli - 1 pc
Pasta tikka masala - 3 tbsp
Cream - 300 ml (18%)

Take the pan poglubzhe.Kurinoe fillets cut into pieces, fry in stretching. oil until half cooked, add chopped vegetables, tomatoes, cream and pasta tikka masala. Simmer until cooked chicken. Served with rice


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