Cake "amazement"

500g cottage cheese sour cream 150gra home + 20% + 1P + sah vanilla sugar powder (to your taste) 2-3 speed mixer to mix better 15-20min no less. Conventional whisk will not. Ready biscuit korzh.Vyrezaem a three-dimensional shape is required with removable cushions. Spread on the bottom of the cake cut. 20g gelatin soaked in lukewarm water 100g let stand for 30 minutes to swell. Through 30 minutes on the stove and put a warm but not boiling. Give leave to room temp was so warm not hot, and then all will be curtailed. And pour into our cottage cheese and a small trickle constantly interfere. Pour this mixture on the cake is our silicone spatula and smooth out and put the refrigerator to freeze. Buy ready-made jelly better apricot, mango, peach mango I breed as a pack is only one but Waters take 2 times less than PACKAGING. Allow to cool jelly and take out the cake from the refrigerator, he has stood for that at the time I froze 1, 5h lay on top of canned peaches apricots (I rolled my own) and fill ostyvshim jelly. and in the refrigerator overnight.


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