Ham Salad "Men Dream"

200 grams of ham
200g chicken
200g marinated mushrooms
2 eggs
100 g onion salad

To apply:
a few lettuce leaves
1 small tomato

Very generous and tasty meat salad, this salad can be prepared on weekdays and holidays.
If you do not use onion salad, and the usual onions, it is desirable to pre-scalded with boiling water so that it has become less acute. Mayonnaise can replace sour cream mixed with lemon juice and salt.
Chicken fillet boil in salted water (cook for 20 minutes after boiling).
Eggs cooked (cook for 10 minutes after boiling). Cool, Gulf of cold water.
Ham cut into small cubes.
Onions cleaned, cut into half rings, and then half-rings in half.
Chicken fillet cut into small cubes.
Eggs cut in small pieces lengthwise.
In a salad bowl put the ham, loin, honey, eggs, onions.
Pepper, add mayonnaise to taste, stir.
If necessary, a little salt.
Put on a dish salad leaves.
Top with slide salad, garnish with slices of tomato.


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