Variation on the theme of cheesecake without baking)

150 oil
25-300 cookies
Melt the butter, add the crushed biscuits
put into a mold and refrigerate

Curd layer:
500 gr. cheese
200 cream (33%)
150 sugar
20 gelatin
pack marshmallows
gelatin, add water
cottage cheese and cream (50 gr. cream cast to dissolve the gelatin in it) beat with a mixer
add sugar
Meanwhile, in the remaining cream to put gelatin dissolve over low heat
Mix cottage cheese mixture and gelatin

put on the "Test" marshmallows, pour cheese mixture. refrigerate

then someone that wants)
I has covered the edge of the glaze, sprinkle with peanuts. Through a stencil made using cocoa leaves. cranberries and sugar posted grapes)


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