Hot roll with salmon

The peculiarity of this Rahl is tempurnom batter, which gives an unusual taste of the classic ingredients. Tasting hot roll at least once, you will love it!

We need the following ingredients:

• 500 grams of rice;
• Tobiko;
• Approximately 250 grams of salmon fillet;
• egg;
• Crackers for breading;
• Sur "Buko";
• Acne;
• Cucumber;
• Flour (preferably tempurnaya);
• Nori.


1. Take a sheet of nori and place it parallel to the plate bamboo mat, so that the shiny side faces down. Wet your hands and spread rice vinegar rice on the nori sheet. Figure need to distribute an even layer.
2. Now spread it over the rice cheese "Buko". This cheese can be easily found in large supermarkets.
3. If you like tobiko, be sure to add it. Spread it evenly over the cheese.
4. Now add the smoked eel.
5. measured off a couple of inches, cut a piece of fish with a knife at an angle of about 20 degrees. As a result, you should get a slice, a width of about 2, 5 inches and a thickness of about 8mm. Place the slices of fish along the nori.
6. Now add the cucumber and ginger;
7. Lift the bamboo mat Makis, holding the filling, roll and start to roll.
8. Now you only have to fry in butter roll. For this we need tempurny batter. Half roll, dip in batter
9. Roll the roll in bread crumbs for breading
10. Now lower the resulting roll in hot oil; Fry it until golden brown.
11. Remove the roll and allow the oil to soak in. Now you only have to cut it.
12. Our roll is ready!


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