Liver cake


Chicken liver - 800gr
Flour - 200g
Eggs - 3 pcs
Carrots - 200g
Onions - 2 pcs
Mayonnaise - 300g
Milk - 250ml
Parsley - taste
Salt - to taste


1. Liver wash, remove plyonochku - oh, and it tedious work. Grind in a blender liver.
2. Add milk, eggs, flour, oil and salt, mix well. On a heated pan pour the batter and bake cakes like pancakes, obzharivaya on both sides.
3. Grease the pan with oil is only necessary for the first cake, the rest will be separated due to the oil inside the dough.
4. Grate carrots, onions cut into half rings, salt and fry all the vegetables in vegetable oil for 5-7 minutes until golden brown.
5. Fried tortillas to take one, lubricated with mayonnaise and spread a layer of onions and carrots, then cover the next.
6. At the end of grease mayonnaise cake and allow to cool. You can warm and eat this cake, but I like the cold anymore.


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