Why is everyone so anxious about how to create problems for others?

I lived with many people in many places. I was surprised - why people are so anxious about how to create problems for others? If someone is not married, they worry, "Why do not you get married?" - As if marriage - it is some kind of universal law to be followed. Exhausted by all and each man begins to think that it is better to marry - at least all of these people will not torture him. But this is a mistake: as soon as you get married, they begin to ask, "When will the baby?ยป

Now this is a very difficult problem. It's not in your hands: the child may be born, can not be born - and he will be born in his time. But these people will pester you ... "The house is not a home without a child." It's true - because no child house seems so silent; with the advent of the child's home seems a madhouse! The more children, the more problems are multiplied.

I sit in silence in my room my whole life. I did not bother, never one to ask, "Why do not you get married, why not have a child?" Because I do not think civilized ask questions, inquire about such things; it would mean to interfere with the freedom of another.

And people continue to live with their wives, with their children, and because the presence of each new member of the family, which is becoming more and more, much disturbed, you will automatically become less and less sensitive. You hear less, less see, less smell, feel less taste.


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