World Championship 2013 woodcutters

Woodcutters Championship held in Hayward, Wisconsin. Many call this Championship "Olympics of the forest." This year the championship was presented more than 20 exciting competitions and world records.

Winners Left: Stirling Hart of British Columbia, who took first place in the speed climbing the 27-meter pole, where he set a new world record with a score of 20, 96 seconds. Hart also competed in the men's competition felling standing where he finished fifth with a score of 32, 10 seconds. Hart got the scar on his face when struck himself with an ax during a performance in the previous contest springboard. Right: Nancy Zalewski was named the absolute champion of the women's World Cup for the woodcutters that broke the world record for the ninth time. 43-year-old Zalewski, a native of Hayward, lives in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where he works chemist.

25-year-old Matt Kogarah competes in the men's competition at the cabin because of the head. Kogarah took second place with a time of 23, 71 seconds. The competition is cutting because of the head competitors cut ash timber 30 cm in diameter and 71 cm in length. The competitor, who will cut the first log, wins.

Throughout the World Cup longhorn lit torch. Many call this league, "Forest Olympics»

The purpose of throwing an ax.

Lindsay Dawn competes in doubles sawing "Jack and Jill" with his partner Dave Jewett (not visible in the photo). The two won the competition with a score of 7, 18 seconds. The contest "Jack and Jill" wins since the team that first cuts 51-centimeter white pine.

Memorabilia on display World Championship woodcutters 2013 Hayward, Wisconsin.

Horse logs left Leah Stanton of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, ranked seventh in the women's open competition skiing logs. Right: Darren Hudson of Barrington, Nova Scotia. Hudson comes from a family with a long history of competing in the sport Timber harvesting; his uncle became the winner of nine world competitions in skating on the logs. Hudson took second place in the men's open competition for skating on logs and sixth place in the speed climbing a 27-meter long table with a time of 26, 92 seconds.

Collision between two competitors in the men's competition skiing logs. Arts stand and move on the beam has been improved by men when they floated the logs down the rivers. Reaching the sawmill and end all skating on the river, loggers take part in other competitions to see who would be the best lumberjack, sawed and katalschikom on logs on the river. The competition on the movement of the river on a log, they are moving up two or three people on a balance beam. The last person who will stand on a balance beam, and will be the winner.

Fans watch the women's race at the 2013 Championship longhorn Hayward, Wisconsin. A large crowd gathered to cheer on the competitors, despite the rainy weather.

Hardware enthusiasts Left: Chris Bradshaw from Ridzheli, West Virginia, with his hot saw, who finished sixth in the competition sawyers, fourth in the men's doubles sawing with Arden Kogarah younger, eighth place in the men's single sawing and the fourth - in the men's cabin iz for the heads up. He began to participate in competitions at the University of West Virginia in 1999. Hot drink constructed by cycling the engine and weighs 27 kg. I saw worth more than $ 6, 000. Right: A member of a large family of sports lumberjacks, which includes a mother, father, wife, cousins ​​and relatives. Arden Kogarah Jr., a lawyer from West Virginia, visited by about 30 competitions a year and is a legend in the sport Timber harvesting. Kogarah competed in the wheelhouse standing, single-sawing, "Jack and Jill", male cabin because of the head and steam sawing.

Four athletes compete in the wheelhouse on trampolines. Dale Beams won the competition with a score of 70, 97 seconds. The technique of cutting on trampolines loggers used in the forest to reach the soft wood of hard and knotty wood base, designed for cutting

Two competitors are located on 27-foot poles in the competition for high-speed lift. Contestants mark a 27-meter column of cedar and returned to the earth in the time trial.

Climbers on poles left: Derek Knutson, born in Hayward, he began his career on the rise at the poles during the summer months, when he worked at a local show woodcutters. Knutson took sixth place in the open competition of skating on the logs, the fifth - in speed climbing on the 27-meter pole with a time of 25, 35, second and seventh - in a throwing ax. Right: Brian Bartow Oregon competes in the speed ascent to 27-meter and 18-meter poles. Bartow, who taught my father to rise, says he was "born in this sport," as his father, who was also a long-term champion in speed climbing. Bartow took second place in the rise in the 27 meters and third in the rise by 18 meters.

The Pinery Boys, a cappella group, perform during the championship. Group acts since 1976.

Fans sing along during the intermission at the championship.

The Wise Men Left: The 74-year-old Terry Clark of Hayward, Wisconsin, a volunteer with the timer. It keeps track of time events for over 20 years, after he met with the sport through his daughters, who were katalschitsami on logs. Right: 54-year-old Mel Lentz of Diana, West Virginia, an athlete in the third generation of loggers. Mel started to compete in 1985 after his father, world champion Mervyn Lenz, retired from the sport. Lenz was an absolute champion nine times and continues to compete in several competitions, including ax throwing, hot saw and sawing a steam room.

Volunteers work under the main stage of the National Cup longhorn 2013.



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