They have been used in advertising. Their whole world knows

Many well-known brands use in advertising their products well-known people, who are mainly suited to the image.
For example, as James Bond in advertising hours. This whole precise and clear.

Or, as other celebrities, with or without their permission.
DiCaprio advertising

Domestic creatives from the world of advertising, too, do not remain on the sidelines. They will be used and Sylvester ...

... And the "Die Hard" Bruce.

Internet users in response Hochma as they can. Especially popular are not only the actors, but also well-known scientists ...

... Who can advertise all - from condoms to electronic gadgets.

Einstein's image was used to promote the budget, but brainy smartphones Highscreen: cheapest dual and quad smartphones Spark and OMEGA Q, ultravynoslivogo Highscreen Boost with a week without recharging and bulky Highscreen Alpha GTX.

Another popular category for okoloreklamnyh jokes population - politicians.

Basically, of course - foreign because of the jokes on domestic and can be affected.

However, of course, some of whom you can and make a joke. So the degree of creativity unabated.

The question of "whether to invite celebrities to participate in advertising" - one of the most contentious issues in marketing. Everyone is responsible to him for himself and for himself alone. But we know one thing - even if the well-known brands will cease to shoot a commercial with recognizable faces, the people on this topic joke no longer accurate.



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