Desire of the client - the law

It's time to give birth to the young mother. Beloved husband was not at home, childbirth - first. Sweeps out girl collects things. Your bag in a hurry and did not find, grabbed his backpack and shoved Believing in it his "happy" little things - shirt, socks. And a winter hat. Because too "happy" and it does not matter that the heat in the yard. Then a taxi - the hospital, the benefit of a small town.
At the receiver could explain how the doctor that wants all of the little things were on her backpack. It is clear that it is not necessary, but she had such an oddity for all pay. And, as an advance, the doctor gives one hundred dollars. The doctor says he does not question, they say, for your money - every whim. Gives the order, the girl brought into the ward, and she had contractions begin and perception of reality is not quite adequate.
Looks - nochnushechka her favorite, socks and a cap. And skates. A sister already hurries, he says, Come on, at a pace. Girl trying to ask about skating, receives a response, so that the doctor ordered and begins to dress. Thinks to himself - you never know. Under water as giving birth. Maybe some know-how.
Carry her down the hallway in this outfit. The people, of course, staring. Familiar even caught on the way. Those eyes widened at all. The girl thinks that with winter hat in the heat, probably, somehow got excited. But here come in maternity, help her get into the skating chair. "Damn, but why skates" - do not let the thought. Dr. flies in the room, screaming to the skates quickly bandaged, and that in fact in this form if foot wave can get a "Friday the 13th". Sisters bandage. "No, all right - thinking girl - the doctor still knows something»
And yet something keeps confusing. Several doctors came. Look, rolled her eyes - and go out of the room. Then another woman in childbirth brought. Without skates.
The girl does not stand up: "And this - ask - why not horses?" - "So she did not ask them to put" - is perplexed doctor.
In general, in a hurry, when collected, she did not even notice that her husband left skate backpack. Well, she asked her was wearing all that lay in his backpack. The doctor says, they say looked a certificate from a psychiatrist, did not understand anything - because everything is in order, and paid ... Let it be in the skate.
And gave birth very quickly. As a person remembered friends who met her in the hallway so doctors face ... on this haha ​​struck that push is not particularly needed.


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