Something special

Mom decided to visit his daughter, who married a Frenchman and lives in a nice town called Paris.
Paris is vast and multifaceted, mom is tested on the first day to the full, wandered around the city of love. It is clear to all sorts of attractions Poglazeli, but still more interested in her place is not as widely promoted and hyped. The same is true, because the true spirit of the city - it's not the Eiffel Tower or the capital. He is somewhere in other places inhabited. In the old courtyards, cafes, bars. Here in such places she decided to walk. Fortunately, she knew the language tolerably well.
And that puts her on this trip to the store. Quite a large store that sells all sorts of video. That is, for every taste. The most sophisticated. Madame travels from Russia by departments, and comes to the shelves with films for adults. And of the half to the compact scene of most of these films. That there was no doubt. With the most valuable in terms of vendor personnel.
Mom, elderly and very deeply honored man who grew up and lived most of his life at the Union falls into prostration and light already running on the same machine at the department. Zombies.
Sales, after watching this process for some time, and sets the appropriate gallant question (French pancake):
-Madam Looking for something special?


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