Colt Revolvers

On this day in 1836 Samuel Colt received a patent for his famous offspring - a revolver, which as you might guess was later named in honor of the inventor. In this post you will learn about the most famous revolvers issued at factories Colt.

Colt Paterson
First Samuel Colt his pistol built as early as the age of fourteen, but the return on this weapon was so strong that the shooter could easily break during firing hand. So after the inventor of this is not entirely successful experience sat down to study the sciences - mechanics and chemistry to correct the shortcomings of their offspring.
And in 1836, at age 22, Colt introduced the Patent Office for the first truly successful invention - a revolver, which was later called the Colt Paterson (in honor of the town, where he opened a plant for its production), and then the Colt Texas (residents This US state is particularly loved the novelty).
The novelty of the invention Colt was the fact that he first used at the same time capsule bullets spinning drum and the serial production of weapons, which made the first Colt revolvers very fast and relatively cheap.
In just eleven years, was released a little less than three thousand revolvers Colt Paterson. Some of them were bought by the armies of the United States and in those years the independent Republic of Texas. Rangers from the last first to appreciate the full convenience and speed characteristic of this weapon. This was the reason for the success of future products Colt in the army.

Colt Walker
Colt Walker was named in honor of the commander of the Texas Rangers, who helped the inventor to improve the previous model Colt revolver. Armed Forces Texas needed a powerful and reliable gun that allows to shoot at full gallop, and equally well affect both riders and horses. The new revolver was quite massive (2, 5 kilos in weight). He had a barrel for six rounds, which used black powder.
The appearance in 1847 Colt Walker had just what we needed - started the Mexican-American war in which these weapons played a very important role, although it was produced in quantities of 1,100. Revolver quickly gained cult status, and still retains it. Nowadays - thanks westerns with Clint Eastwood, the hero of which it uses Walker. This, apparently, was to suggest that the character used to be a Ranger in Texas.

Colt Pocket Police
The company did not hesitate Colt revolver and the creation for the needs of the police. The first such weapon appeared under this brand in 1863 and was based on earlier models of Baby Dragoon and Pocket Model, see the light, respectively, in 1847 and 1849.
This gun was a powerful but very compact and light (by the standards of the nineteenth century, of course). It can be hidden even in wide pants pockets (of jeans in those days no one hardly heard) and quickly get at the essentials.
Total produced 325,000 revolvers Colt Pocket of which 20 thousand - a model designed for the needs of the police. There were also options for couriers, mail service and fleet.

Colt Single Action Army
The most famous revolver "Wild West" is considered the Colt Single Action Army, jokingly nicknamed "Peacemaker". After all, wherever there is a man with a similar weapon, advancing the world - so vazhnue role it played. The gun can be seen in almost all westerns, including, in the episodes of the film "Back to the Future 3", the protagonist of which falls on a time machine in the second half of the nineteenth century.

First released in 1873, Colt Single Action Army produced by different manufacturers so far. However, in our time, this gun is used mainly for peaceful purposes - in sport and education, as well as hunting. The reason for this longevity - a successful universal design (classic koltovskie trigger mechanism, trigger and overall design, combined with monolithic curved frame).

Colt Official Police
Initially revolver Colt Official Police was created for the US Army. He was a big, massive and calculated under the cartridges .38 caliber bullets. But to truly appreciate this innovation of the American police.
However, in order to adapt the gun under her needs, experts of the company Colt had little to reduce it in size and change to .32 caliber. It happened in 1927 (although the original model will be available in 1908), and until 1969 the manufacturer has produced more than 400 thousand copies of the Colt Official Police in different variations (including weapons and training .22).

Colt Detective Special
It is not difficult to guess from the title, Colt Detective Special was designed as a weapon for law enforcement. We are talking about people in civilian clothes - detectives and intelligence personnel who could carry a gun unnoticed under clothing. In favor of the Colt Detective Special advocated its compact size, but serious fighting characteristics, comfortable handle, light weight and smooth trigger.
Revolver Colt Detective Special has become popular not only among employees in civilian clothes, but also filmmakers. Rare classic film about the detective without the participation of the revolver, including modern noir.
Colt Detective Special was produced in different versions with a short break in the period 1927-2000. Now he still is but armed with some units, and is also popular among collectors of weapons.

Colt Cobra
Colt Cobra revolver has a lot to do with the Colt Detective Special, however, it was made of aluminum instead of steel. In addition, he had an even shorter barrel. The owners of these weapons were to be civilians, not a law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
The most famous case of application Colt Cobra occurred November 24, 1963, when the Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby killed his revolver from Lee Harvey Oswald, shot dead two days before US President John F. Kennedy.

Colt Python
Famous from the company Magnum Colt. One of the best features of all revolvers of this legendary producer was first introduced in 1955. Initially it was to be used with a cartridge .38, but then changed to the caliber .357 Magnum, for which he received the weapon and the second name of Colt Magnum.
Colt Python called "limousine among revolvers" for excellent appearance, excellent technical characteristics, combat power and, of course, a rather high price. Instance name Magnum were manufactured for many of the powerful - presidents, kings, and even Elvis Presley.
Colt Python was the last really popular revolver from the company Colt, becoming the basis for other, more low-end models. Including, for Colt Anaconda, was produced until 1999.
In the eighties and nineties, the company Colt survived several crises, which led to discontinuation of pistols. At the beginning of the new millennium, the situation began to mend, and today the company is engaged mainly producing rifles for the US Army.



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