Funny Laws

Murphy's Law states: "If something bad can happen, it happens." Russian foreign counterparts "Murphy's Law" is perhaps the most well-known pattern, the effect of which each of us had to experience for yourself. But that's not all - in the law has consequences. Based on them, scientists and philosophers very true noticed other ironic and vital principles.

Among them chose the best, in our opinion, tags and truthful. Came the need to knock on wood - to discover that the world is made of aluminum and plastic. / Law Flagg / put in the washing machine 6 socks, takes only 5 / Murphy's Law /

No matter what that something goes wrong. Perhaps it looks good. / Scott Law / worth a sealed letter, come to mind as fresh ideas. / Law letters /

The probability that the sandwich falls butter side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet. / Investigation Jenning /

Any problem can be unsolvable, if you hold a sufficient number of meetings to discuss them. / Law Mitchell /

Whenever you hair cut nails, an hour later you need them. / Law Whitten / starts searching is necessary from the wrong place. / Search Law /

The solution of complex tasks are assigned to a lazy employee - he will find an easier way. / Law Hleyda /

The more women we have less, the less the more it to us. / Imperative Zhvanetskogo /

When things take a sharp turn, all washed away. / Law Lynch /

If the experiment was a success, something is wrong here ... / Laws Fineygla /

Expert - any man of our city. / Rule of Mars /

Neighboring queue always moves faster. / Observation Ettore /

All that brackets may be ignored. / Law Seeger /

For those who love sausage and respect the law, do not see how to do both. / Sausage principle /

If you do not care where you are, then you will not get lost. / Terms Fleece /

The best way out - always through. / Optimum Robert Frost /

The total amount of intelligence on the planet - is constant, and the population is growing. / Axiom Cole /

Whatever the trouble does not happen, there is always someone who knew that it will be so. / Law Evans and Bjorn /

Hot bulb looks exactly the same as cold. / The first law in the laboratory /

Costs you only wash the car, as there is rain. / Law direct /

An optimist believes we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears that the way it is. / Chief paradox /

Who pays the least, most complain. / Law of professional practice Drew /

Most blunders recruited the largest pins. / Supplement Shulaeva /

All great discoveries are made by mistake. / Law Yang /

Of the product, koto.pogo taken in excess, DURING any paskladke in the end will be missed. / Tourism Law Fineygla /

On the dirty floor baby nothing will spill or scatter. / Law Skoffa /

If someone who you admire and who is boundless respect, especially immersed in deep thought most likely that these thoughts about dinner. / Rule great /

If nothing else helps, read, finally, the instructions! / Axiom Kahn and Orbena /



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