Murphy's Laws, Chisholm, Renard and others)


Murphy's Laws, Chisholm, Renard and others)

Murphy's Law
If something bad can happen, it happens.
It's not as easy as it seems.
Every job requires more time than you think.
Of all the troubles that will happen exactly, the damage from which more.
If the four causes of possible problems in advance eliminated, then there will always be a fifth.
Left to their own events tend to evolve from bad to worse.
Once you accept to do some work, there is another that needs to be done before that.
Every solution breeds new problems.

Komentapy Kallagana to zakonu Mepfi:
Mepfi was optimictom!

Observation Renard
There are moments when everything works. Do not be dismayed, this too shall pass.

Laws Chisholm
Everything that can go wrong - spoiled.
Anything that can not be spoiled - spoiled, too.

When things are going well, something is going to happen in the very near future.
When things are worse than ever, in the very near future they will be even worse.
If you think that the situation is improving, it means there is something you have not noticed.

Any suggestions people understand differently than someone who makes them.
Even if your explanation is so clear that excludes any misinterpretation, there is still the person who will understand you correctly.
If you are sure that your action will meet with general approval, someone he does not necessarily like it.

Scott Law
No matter what that something is going wrong. Maybe it looks good.

Laws Fineygla
If the experiment is a success, something is wrong ...
In any set of input data is the most reliable value of No check is incorrect.
If we work fails, then any attempt to save her only worsen the matter.

Theorem Ginsberg
You can not win. Staying at his impossible. You can not even get out of the game.
Comments Herman:
Before improve the situation worsens.
Who said that it will improve?

Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics
Under pressure from getting worse.

The second law of thermodynamics Everitt
The confusion in the society is constantly increasing. Only a very hard work, it can be somewhat reduced. However, this very attempt would lead to an increase in total confusion.

Laws Paddera
All that begins well, ends badly.
Everything that begins badly, ends worse.

Theorem Stockmayer
If it seems that the job done easily, it will certainly be difficult. If it is difficult to look at, then it is absolutely impossible to perform.

The law creating a System Dynamics Zimergi
If you have opened a can of worms, the only way to seal them again - is to use a larger jar.

Law infinite fall Emerson
Under any abyss reveals another, more profound.

Law stardom Mark Twain
Once in a lifetime fortune knocks at the door of every person, but in many cases the man is sitting in a nearby tavern, and does not hear her.


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