Daughter of Eddie Murphy advertise underwear

The time has come, and two daughters, Eddie Murphy grew up so much that they decided to play in a very colorful advertising underwear.

Girls and before that was a lover to post their photos to Instagram ...

Both photos Bria Murphy poses for a photo placed in Instagram January 24.

Shane Murphy in Instagram.

Therefore, almost immediately after the photo shoot the girls have published new images on Instagram, so that all their fans would be happy to contemplate them. Photo Bria prefer white, elegant linen, while Shane chose a seductive combination in black.

Bria Murphy, 24 years old, and her sister, Shane, 19 years old, posing in a bedroom in Los Angeles. Photographer: Dmitry Rey. The resulting images have caused a lot of enthusiasm among fans.

Apparently, the two girls decided to go on the road to his mother - Nicole Murphy, who was also at one time a model. By the way, Nicole broke up with Eddie in 2005 and is now engaged to footballer Michael Strahan.

Nicole (nee Mitchell), ex-wife of Eddie Murphy.

Mother, of course, is very proud of his daughters. She census most of the photos of his daughters on his page on Instagram.

Eddie Murphy and Nicole five children. In addition, Eddie has three other children from other relationships, including one child from the star Spice Girls - Melanie Brown. 8 children - it is not a joke.

Eddie and his daughter Bria.

Eddie Murphy poses with her daughters Bria and Shane.


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