Large and famous fathers of Hollywood and Russian

On the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, namely July 8, 2013, Nikolai Agurbash became a father for the sixth time. "Sausage King", as he was called in the press already has four children from his first marriage and one from the second (with Angelica). New millionaire lover, gave him a daughter, became an unknown employee of the Savings Bank of Russia - Olga. It is this event in such a wonderful holiday, and spodviglo we remember most large fathers of Hollywood and Russia, who bring not one, not two, or even three, and six or more children!

Nikolai Agurbash: 6 children


Eddie Murphy: 8 children

Eight children from four different women - this is the record of Eddie Murphy, who tells in detail about the relationship between men and women in his 1987 film "as is". Eddie believes that women need to look for in Japan, only sleep with the most beautiful, but you can have fun even with transvestites. By the way, for this case, and the actor was caught by the police when the two years before this became a father for the third time. Eddie's first wife, Nicole Mitchell, who gave birth to his five daughters, forgive the bastard, but the 2005th still filed for divorce. Three other children were born Eddie as a result of intrigues of his ne'er-do father. "The more - the better!" - The motto of the comedian.


Mel Gibson: 8 children

Mel Gibson also not be called an exemplary family man, but his marriage to Robyn Moore lasted '31 (!), And it is quite a significant period of time (one-third of life, as in any way). Based on these relations at Mel's seven children grow up. In addition, Mel - the father of the child Oksana Grigorieva, which had previously been in a relationship with another Hollywood actor Timothy Dalton, and bore him a son. According to the results of these relations for Gibson's not less sad - it has paid 60 thousand dollars, and now contains the house where Oksana lives with his daughter and son from a previous marriage. Now Mel goal as falcon.


Kevin Costner: 7 children

"The Bodyguard," Kevin Costner - the father of seven children. Three from his first marriage and three from the second and one illegitimate child, born in the period of "free floating" Mr. Costner. The point moves to the 60th anniversary and it seems Kevin settled down, left with his second wife Christine Baumgartner.


Mike Tyson: 6 children

At eminent boxer Mike Tyson would be a "full combat kit" - three sons and three daughters - were it not for the tragic accident that took the life of one of his girls. Four-Exodus tangled in the wire of the treadmill. His detractors thought it was a punishment for the fact that Mike raised his hand to his women and repeatedly accused of rape (for which he had once received six years in prison).


Brad Pitt: 6 children

Brad Pitt - a unique specimen. All the children, the biological, adoptive that appeared in his life thanks to a single woman - Angelina Jolie. If each had such a grip, the price would not be any such women, no such men, who are so cherish their loved ones that they are willing to tolerate even insulting nickname "henpecked." Classy Brad brings up six children.


Jean Reno: 6 children

Jean Reno is not far behind: he, too, has six children, two of every three marriages. By the way, 64-year-old Frenchman has always preferred model, so perhaps soon we will hear the big names of models with the surname Reno (as I guess they will not be his wives, and his daughters).


Ivan Okhlobystin 6 children

And here he is, Russian Brad Pitt! Ivan Okhlobystin, known for his roles in the TV series "Interns", is the father of six children. In a long marriage with actress Oksana Arbuzova (married since 1995) have got two sons and four daughters.


Joseph Prigogine: 6 children

By Joseph Prigogine not say, but he is also the father of six children, three of whom are from the singer Valeria and three other women have been in his strong arms to her.



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