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Continue your family, transmit their genes to the next generation of brilliant dare not all celebrities. Oprah Winfrey, Kim Ketrol, Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue, Eva Mendes and many others remain without children, and the reason may be quite different, but the object of our discussion in this post are their opposites in this matter - many children star of the family ... Well, the family - is I'm a little bent, rather, some celebrities have brought to this world one life.

Let's start with the champion - the great genius of Charlie Chaplin cinema, which for all its achievements, and was even a generous father. Official figures differ, but will use the maximum amount, Chaplin had 12 children (4 women)!

not all of them went along the paths of the popular pope, but Geraldine Chaplin (daughter from the first marriage of Charles with the last Una O'Neill) became probably the most successful in the cinema. The latest film with its participation - "The Wolf Man" in 2010

Mel Gibson, despite its controversial nature, the aggressive actions and statements had to give birth to an 8-heirs. Seven children - from the seemingly successful 28-year marriage to Robyn Moore ...

Hannah (28 years), twins Edward and Christian (26) Villa (24) Louis (21), Milo (19) and Tommy (9 years). Junior Tommy after the divorce was with his mother after a long legal battle to joint custody

Gibson's last daughter was born in early 2010, shortly before the controversial break with Oksana Grigorieva

7 children of the legendary 68-year-old "Rolling" Mick Jagger - it's official, but how many of them actually ... because the 60 freestyle, "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and all that ...

Mary Grant bore him a daughter Carys, on the model of Bianchi his daughter Jade, the relationship with Jerry Hall proved to be much more fruitful and long-lasting, and as a result - four joint children (Elizabeth, James, Georgia, and Gabriel). The appearance of the last heir of the family was surprised and defeated Mika - illegitimate son Lucas Morad by model Lucany

the same number of children are bathed in the glory of his dad, Steven Spielberg, only 4 of them - his blood and 3 - adopted

6 children in families Eddie Murphy and Sting

and of course, on the basketball

everything - from his wife Trudie Styler

Oh, of course! DzhoPitt Pittoli ... or ... well, the star family of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, too, has got six kids, that's just a paradox - among them representatives of all human races :) (three of them - their own, three of them - adopted)

Maddox Siobhan (Cambodian), Zahara Marley (Ethiopia), Vietnamese Pax Thien and his krovinushku - Shiloh Nouvel and twins: a boy Knox Leon and girl Vivienne Marcheline

Toli still be ???

celebrities and less with five children already Pobol will, but we all know that the main thing is not quantity but quality, at least in the case of bringing up children :)


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