PETA in Washington

That just did activists PETA, to draw public attention to the problems of animal rights. Poured paint coats celebrities walked half-naked in the bitter cold, lay in an artificial blood in the streets ...

But last week's rally in the capital of the United States took place peacefully, to the mutual satisfaction of the protesters and people walking by. Girls in bird costumes called for the abandonment of the use of eggs and sweets from passers-by were treated exclusively vegetarian ingredients.

August 25 girl model in yellow bikini, symbolizing chickens, took to the streets of Washington to oppose the use of eggs in cooking. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

During the previous similar action in Washington PETA activists simply place in cramped cages, demonstrating how to live chickens at poultry farms, use a battery system for laying hens: birds can not even stretch their wings and spend all their life in the stillness. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

At the same time activists went the other way - they decided to treat Americans confectionary prepared without the use of eggs. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

PETA activists Amber TeGantvoort (right) and Ashley Byrne, employee virtual beauty salon, a playful costumes chickens handed out cupcakes and booklets that explain the recent mass infection of eggs with Salmonella. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

Late last month, the US media reported on the recall of batches consisting of 550 million eggs that may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

Presumably due to the salmonella outbreak in the United States, which began in May this year, were infected about 1, 3 thousand people in California, Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina. Suspicious marked increase in the incidence in Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

Salmonella bacteria have about 2 thousand varieties. They are persistent in the environment: in water, bacteria are not killed 120 days in meat and sausage products up to 100 days, and in the soil - up to 500 days. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

In meat, dairy products, eggs, they can actively proliferate without changing the appearance of the product. In humans, pathogenic bacillus causing an infection salmonellosis. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)

PETA activists tried to convey to Washingtonians about the risk of contracting salmonella when consuming confectionery made using eggs. (UPI / Kevin Dietsch)


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