An Indian court has banned the fights and the race of bulls thanks to PETA

Public organization PETA is responsible for the protection of animals, has forced the Supreme court of India to ban the use of bulls in the traditional folk entertainment – running with the bulls (jallikattu), bullfights and other cruel competitions and performances, according to the organization's website.

Animal rights activists of PETA conducted its own investigation of the conditions of detention of the bulls and found that during the competition they are terribly disoriented and scared, they hurt tails and flanks, beat and inflict stab wounds. During runs with bulls animals often get beaten with sticks with nails on the end. Bullfights usually end with the death of one of the contenders. Campaign in India was actively supported by legendary actors Hemou Malini and John Abraham – they personally wrote to the Ministry of environment and forests to ban jallikattu.

The Ministry in 2011 issued a decree banning the use of bulls in any show, but these events still continued to be held. Now, the decision of the Supreme court, they will finally be imposed a Federal ban.




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