78-year-old vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris encourages people to "think before you eat"

The famous 78-year-old bodybuilder undressed for promoting vegan lifestyle

American bodybuilder Jim Morris encourages people to "think before you eat" campaign PETA.

Breaking stereotypes about age limits in bodybuilding, 78-year-old vegan Jim Morris dared to undress for a new campaign PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Convincing people to switch over to the vegans, namely to exclude from the diet of meat and dairy products, Morris was laid bare last year, at the age of 77 years to recreate the symbolic pose of the famous "Thinker" by Rodin.

The image has become part of a new campaign of PETA titled "Think before you eat", which encourages people to "pump your health».

Jim Morris, recently celebrated his seventy-eighth birthday. Starting his way in the world of bodybuilding in the 70s, he ceased to participate in the competition in 1985. He claims that since he was able to improve your health only through vegetarianism and veganism later.

"The protein in foods of animal origin are also loaded with fats, chemicals and other such garbage, which brings you harm," - Morris said in an exclusive interview for PETA.

"When I was competing, and used all of these supplements, I have always had problems with digestion. Constipation, bloating - all the time I felt unhappy ».

He added: "I absolutely know for sure that if I continued to eat so I would not be standing here right now and certainly would not have been in such good form».

By insisting that veganism "helps to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke," says Morris, is now feeling better than ever, and calls upon all to exclude dairy products from the diet.

"Milk is for babies. As far as I know, people - the only living thing that continues to drink milk after being weaned him. I think a lot of people just do not realize that if they stopped using milk and other dairy products, they would say - "Wow, I never thought I could feel so good & quot ;.

Some other celebrities, such as hip-hop icon Russell Simmons, the Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker and actress series "Sister, Sister" Tia Mowry also teamed up with PETA to promote the healthy and humane lifestyle.


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