Mike Mahler: how to make a vegan diet work

photo © Devid Griffin

No chance to become big and strong on a vegan diet! I always heard it from my friends meat eaters. I say this as a man accustomed to the fact that no one who knows me personally or saw my photo on the website no longer says such stupid things. Yes my dear, you can really become bigger and stronger on a vegan diet. You can do this even on a vegan diet (eliminating animal products completely).

If the weggy couple of stoned hippies look as if they did not eat a month, it does not mean that every vegan looks the same. My example shows that you can reap more and to have a muscular body on a vegan diet, and I'm not the only one who proved it. Just look at fighters such as Jake Shields, Mac Danzig, Nick Diaz and Aaron Simpson, hardly you can call them weaklings.

So how do you make a vegan diet work? Perhaps start with problem number one for those who are just starting to look at veganism: where the hell am I going to take protein? Fortunately the meat companies are not monopolized the right choice in stores, and you don't have to eat only protein shakes. These products are loaded with protein: lentils, black beans, red beans, chickpeas, white beans, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almond and archive oil, hemp seeds. For example, a serving of lentils and a serving of hemp seeds give the daily rate of complete protein, moreover, it is well-balanced carbohydrates and fats. And of course, the simplest combination of protein beans & rice. It should be understood that a high carbohydrate diet is also not suitable for all. Personally, I prefer a diet of balanced amounts of protein, a moderate percentage of carbohydrates and high amounts of fat. You should experiment to figure out what ratio will work best for your somatotype.

An example of my favorite high-protein dinner: three servings of lentils (24 grams of protein) mixed with two servings of pistachios (14 grams of protein and 26 grams of healthy fat), add two cups broccoli and two cups of vegetable mix. I add a tablespoon of olive oil. For me food is fuel, so questions about how to make it tastier or more attractive to me. In this dish, about 40 grams of protein and a large amount of fat. This may seem excessive, but this diet is designed for those who trains a lot. Fats are a great source of energy that acts much longer. When I lose fat my energy and mood drop.

Without enough fat, your skin will become dry, forces will be smaller and you'll look like walking death. A good solution is to get 20-40% of calories from fat. Boot polyunsaturated fats with olive and hemp oils, almonds and almond oil, walnuts, omega fats from algae, pecans and avocado. A vegan diet for the most part not contains saturated fat, which is good for the most part. However, the small amount of saturated fat is recommended for optimal health, so include a little bit of coconut oil or fresh coconut milk to your diet, it also goes well with protein mixtures.

In the preparation of your vegan diet make sure you focus on real food sources. Don't rely on meat substitutes, soy and rice milk Tetra pack. These products are loaded with salt and sugars, and are only applicable for transition to veganism. Focus on whole foods, such as nuts, beans, vegetables, some grains, quinoa and oats. Strict vegans tend to consume enough fats and proteins, and many low-quality carbs that is a big mistake.

A fairly small number of people will feel good with this diet. You must study what will work for you. Drop the myth that fats make fat. In reality an excessive amount of carbs cause fatty tissue. You will notice that the calorie intake will be lower when you download the "good" fats, as fats reduce hunger and maintain energy levels. Nizkorodov people on diets always hungry, that's why they rarely work. I feel better diet 30-40% fat (from the diet), and about 100-120 grams of protein. This is what I discovered as a vegan for many years.

Finally, some argue that soy is somehow raises estrogen levels and can affect the thyroid gland, the other deny these data and argue in favor of soy. Regardless of this I would have left her alone, contrary to popular belief that soy products are a necessary part of a vegan diet. Wheat gluten is even worse, and the worst part of the wheat. It is a strong allergen, causing serious illness, avoid it like the plague. Seitan is garbage, I don't recommend eating it at all. In vegan products quite a lot of diversity, so leave this sorry excuse for food.



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