Strange laws from around the world

Laws are necessary for people to live in peace and harmony. And not all laws are gazetted, there are unspoken, which, however, try to adhere to all.

Everyone is familiar with the laws of the country in which he lives. But before you travel, it is necessary to get acquainted with the basic set of laws that do not inadvertently get into trouble. By the way, some of the laws in some countries quite funny and fun and can be an excellent occasion for jokes. It is with such laws we are today and get acquainted.

1. In Victoria, Australia, a light bulb can be changed only by a professional

Any man and most women are able to independently change the blown bulb. But if the bulb will burn out suddenly someone from the inhabitants of the State of Victoria, Australia, they will have to sit in the dark until it's electrician. Those who attempt to replace the bulb yourself, faces a fine of 10 Australian dollars. That's just not clear how this can someone learn?

2. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car

In Saudi Arabia, women are not only not allowed to vote in elections, but also to drive a car. In this country, all decisions are made exclusively by men, it is not surprising that women are completely powerless. It is hoped that in the near future, these unjust laws will be changed.

3. In Oklahoma, in your bathroom should not sleep donkey after 7pm

It's hard to imagine who came up with this ridiculous law. What will do all the donkey in the bathroom? Unless it is your best friend. But even if so, in any case, do not let him sleep in his bathtub after 7 pm.

4. Japan's forbidden to have overweight

Given that it appeared sumo in Japan, the law seems really strange. But it exists, and according to his waist for men and women should not exceed forty years after the 92 and 82 centimeters respectively. If someone does not follow this rule, he is nothing for it is not threatened, and instead fined the local government and the company.

5. In Singapore banned chewing gum

It turns chewing gum may cause imprisonment, because many of us are accustomed to using gum is to relieve stress. In Singapore, you do not get to take a mouth chewing gum, because even nicotine gum here, you can buy only by prescription. Those who do not adhere to this law faces a fine of more than $ 500.

6. In the UK parliament not allowed to die in

If someone from the UK residents will gather to die, he should make sure beforehand that he was not in Parliament. The law is due to the fact that Parliament in the United Kingdom is considered to be the royal palace and the one who dies there, rely royal funeral.

7. In Switzerland, you can not flush the toilet after 10 pm

This law can be considered one of the absurd. He explained that the sound of flushing toilets is considered noise pollution and, therefore, can disturb the neighbors.

8. In Germany, you should not end up petrol on the motorway, as otherwise you will not have the right to go through it on foot

Going on a trip to Germany, should closely monitor the availability of fuel in the tank. If all of a sudden on the way you ran out of gas, you have to move out to the side and a signal for attracting attention. Violating this law, you have to pay 65 pounds, because walking on foot along the highway, you will distract drivers passing by.

9. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines and the Vatican

In these two countries, divorce is illegal, so get it is simply impossible. In the Philippines, a divorce can be except that the Muslims, as it has certain rules. But in the Vatican to get a divorce nobody can. So, before you get married in these two countries, it is necessary to think a hundred times, if you can you live with this person the rest of life.

10. Florida forbidden to release gases after 6 pm on Thursdays

Filming in Florida gastronomic pressure can only be up to 6 hours, but after that time you have to hold back until you find a secluded place. If you do not hold back and do it publicly, you will be held accountable for the violation of public order.


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