I am meeting with a child, 6 years old emu. We see - sitting protein. Huge such, he leaned back against the tree trunk, and something gnaws.
 The similarity with my husband in a chair after the work was just awesome.
 IT'S just wanted to tell a child, like a squirrel looked at the sky so thoughtfully and belched loudly.
 The child looks at understanding protein and said to me: "OH beer wants».

For several years I have been the manufacture of homemade wine.
The wine ferments in large bottles. Eye-catching at the same time the process of carbon dioxide should be out of the bottle, but the fresh air should not go.
 Therefore, usually in the neck of the bottle is put on a rubber glove, which is pierced with a needle hole.
But I wear a condom - it's convenient ... And here, once one summer days my wife and I go to the pharmacy. To buy condoms for wine. I say pharmacist:
 - Allow five condoms, please.
 But then his wife intervenes:
 - No, give ten to a few years enough ...

 - Do you have ski boots a size 52?
 - What?
 - 52th
 - And fuck you ski!?!

The other day a friend of mine asked to run on the way to work in the hour-long workshop, pick up an alarm clock, which she put into repairs shortly before.
 Takin. Going further, I remember that the house does not matches left. I went to the store, the normal matches none at all, buying boxes of business (this is a box of matches by 1000).
 I go further. Towards the guy asks a spark to light.
 I get this awesome boxes to give to him. He instigorates. Then she asks what time it is. Pulled out his alarm clock. Curtain.


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