Russophobian anecdote and two vsamdelishny stories

Will anecdote and two vsamom delishnie-life stories (one 7-in-picture). Yes, answer poll questions only after reading the post until the end (of 8 pieces).

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Today brought the younger son (11 years) of the school is an anecdote:
 - Floating on the ship American, Russian and chock - here Papa frowned - Asian - recovered schoolboy,
 - The American decided to praise and with the words "I have a lot of this stuff home," and showed jettisons iPhone.
 - Asian and also decided to boast with the same words shows persimmon-persik and throws her overboard.
 - Russian with the words "I have a lot of home!" Takes Asian and throws him overboard.

I did not like the Pope anecdote. I explain why his son:

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American in a joke presented a reasonable person - his country produces cheaply stamping on the assembly line - apple phones,
can Lohamei their high prices around the world to sell. Well done - a civilized, productive labor.
Asian - presented an honest man sells a result of the labor of their hands, albeit cheaply sells, but it also has something to be proud of (what he yesterday with palm slezshy sitting at a table with two representatives of the imperial nations will not develop the theme). < br /> Only one Russian boasts their troubles and problems, as well as something to work on this molchok - 20 years already as forgotten.

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We went to the clinic and some areas, and in the most that neither is a rookery stars pediatric medicine at the University subway station.

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Every one of them with the help of the candidates in medicine.

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Every one of them with the help of the candidates in medicine.

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Oh, that I put here by mistake, port version (not the candidate).


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