Phenomena, things and people that will forever remain in 2014

Izhevsk court for the first time in the legal practice of modern Russia banned anecdote, recognizing his extremist and fall under Article 282 of the Criminal Code anecdote about meeting Caucasian and Russian on the bus at rush hour, there is not the first decade: it was told in the Soviet Union, only antagonist performed a Jew. He tried for a young man who posted anecdote on his page on the social network "VKontakte».
The public reacted ambiguously: despite the ban, anecdote immediately became much more popular than it was before, and some lawyers noted that, despite the obvious xenophobic overtones, no extremist appeals joke is not contained.

Young giraffe Marius in the Copenhagen Zoo, became known in February of this year due to the fact that he was beaten in the public eye. The reason for such an unpopular decision zoo administration has named the need to avoid inbreeding, crossbreeding that is within one population, and the next few weeks to fend off the angry journalists and public statements.
As a result, officials are somehow justified, explaining that because of the small population of giraffes in European zoos they had no other choice. In general, the international community was not convinced by the arguments, and the fate of Marius experienced for quite some time.

Nobel Prize for Literature, the Colombian writer who brought Latin American literature at the world level, Gabriel Garcia Marquez became ill with cancer in 1989. At work, he smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and trigger the development of malignant tumors in the lungs. Treatment suspended disease, but health problems have not gone away. In 1999, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. In 2012, the writer began to lose his memory, and in the spring of 2014 was admitted to hospital with severe pulmonary infection. Marquez died April 17.

Over the internet, long remained a zone free of any censorship, this year began to watch closely. Federal Law №97-FZ dated May 5, 2014 "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On information, information technologies and information protection "and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation on streamlining the exchange of information with the use of information and telecommunication networks", also known as the "Law of bloggers," ordered all Russian bloggers with an audience of more than 3,000 people a day to register to Roskomnadzor. In addition, they imposed a number of restrictions on the publication of materials that echo the requirements of any official media.
Roskomnadzor can now request information about the owners and blog visitors, including from third parties, block pages and accounts of bloggers who do not respect the law, and to require criminal and administrative responsibility for all those who do not comply with the laws of the Russian Federation in respect of media content. < br />

The famous mathematician who proved the Poincaré conjecture, chose Russian citizenship Swedish. In recent years, Perelman actually lived on a pension and the mother did not agree to the conditions of work (insultingly low wages among them), who offered him the St. Petersburg universities. Way out was found when the math invited European companies engaged in research and development. Grigory Yakovlevich received a passport and a visa to Sweden for a period of ten years.
In 2006, the mathematician Poincaré proved the theorem, for which he tried to award the Prize of the European Mathematical Society, but the scientist refused it. In the same year, the newspaper The Daily Telegraph has assigned to him in 9th place in the list of "100 modern geniuses».

All unprintable words were unprintable in the truest sense of the word. Official media on August 1, prohibited the use of obscene Lex regardless of the situation. This applies not only to print and online media, and all comments that users post to any information resource. In addition, under the Act fall bloggers with a daily audience of more than 3,000 people: the law, equating them to the media, was released on May 5. All violated the law faces an administrative penalty. By the way, "zapikivat" and replace key letters with asterisks is also impossible: still understand what is at stake, astutely noted the creators of the law.

August 1 employees' Week "Roman and Helena Super Vorotilov wrote in their Facebook News Feed laconic" I am looking for a job. " On the same day, all program staff were on vacation and had to return to work on August 12, but by management new television transmission season did not begin to run. The first time the program aired, "Ren-TV" October 11, 2003, and for the season 2013/2014 audience share programs are already higher than the share of the television audience. On the air continued to sound point of view different from the official view of the state TV channels, and in December 2013 Maksimovskaya - the only one of all Russian journalists - was able to do an interview with the newly freed Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
The official reason for the closure of the program, according to the press service of the channel - the impossibility of combining the post of the head of "Week" and the deputy chief editor of "Ren-TV", which takes Marianna Maksimovskaya. Informal - the almost complete absence of censorship in the transfer of an alternative point of view on events in the country and the world.

It is difficult to list all, for what we love Robin Williams, who committed suicide at age 63 at his home in California. During his life, the actor starred in more than 100 films, received the "Oscar" for best supporting actress in a drama "Good Will Hunting", other than that, in his collection were two "Emmy", four "Golden Globe", two awards " Screen Actors Guild "and five statuettes" Grammy ". Robin Williams was loved by all.
"Robin Williams was a pilot, doctor, gin, educator, President and professor, restless Peter Pan and many more whom. But he was the only one of its kind "- said the actor, Barack Obama.

Belarusian music band "Liapis Trubetskoy" headed by Sergei Mikhalok stayed on the scene as much as 24, and in August 2014 finally ceased to exist. The band members have formed two new staff: Trubetskoy will play old songs in a new sound, a leader of the "Lapis" Mikhalok stood at the head of a new project Brutto. "The most stupid, the most vulgar of what can happen with a rock band - is to meet the 25-year anniversary," - said the decision to end the activities of "Lapis" Sergei Mikhalok.

In 2014, the music festival Kubana, in recent years has become very popular (the organizers brought him international musicians, whose performances in Moscow for many years could not get there) and took place in the Krasnodar region, occurred the last time. Event producer Ilya Ostrovsky, commenting on the decision, said: "It is impossible to swim against the tide indefinitely. At some point, the forces leave even the most hardy swimmer. " Last Kubana was daunting to recruit participants: there were Die Antwoord, Madness, Corn, Zdob Si Zdub, «Mummy Troll" - in general, teams from the music which any normal audiophile back shivers run size of a fist.

This October, the last time the Russians moved Hours: now Russia will always live in the winter time. Distressful arrow dials several years trying to set up so that everyone was comfortable, it was possible to save energy, it was easier to get up and there was no confusion. As a result, the authorities decided to leave unchanged the time. Udmurtia, Samara region and Kemerovo arrows, by the way, has not been touched, and residents of Chita made a rally for the return of his old time zone. Smartphones October 26 with the task failed, many of whom have not translated the watch yourself.
Doctors go on about the benefits of such a solution: that it has a positive impact on human biorhythms, and he seemed to cease to suffer from headaches and seasonal depression caused by the change in winter and summer time. Football fans are also happy: now the European matches will start an hour earlier. Also benefit from the transfer time jobbers.

On June 1, 2014 began to operate additional articles of the law "On protection of public health from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption." Now forbidden to smoke in long-distance trains, ships deepwater, hotels, hostels and other hospitality enterprises, enterprises in domestic services, trade, catering, markets, passenger rail commuter trains and platforms in general wherever smoker can disturb non-smoking environment . First, users of social networks resented the new rules, but in the end even once happy: now people do not smoke a pack of cigarettes at a boring party at the bar and did not throw clothes smelling of tobacco immediately after a stormy weekend.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the most popular actors of the last decade. In 2006, the actor took all possible awards, including the "Oscar" for his role in the biopic "Capote", and 2008, was named best actor at the Venice Film Festival starring role in "The Master." In addition, Hoffman remained faithful all his life to the theater: he not only played in the plays without long breaks for film career, but he was engaged in theater directing.
Hoffman used drugs with youth, which, unfortunately, was the cause of his death at the age of 46 years: the body can not withstand the fatal combination of potent substances.


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