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If you think that poker - is infinitely serious game, which does not happen any oddities, you are greatly mistaken. Even the most experienced and successful online poker players are wrong. Someone is wrong to assess their strength, someone makes a mistake in the calculations.

And, at times, come quite funny situations in poker that cause at least a smile on his face. In this article we describe the cases that cause laughter and tears at the same time.
One of the most common ridiculous situations - a mistake on the Street. You counted several times in the head, and then the fingers, came to the conclusion that you have a straight, but the autopsy realized that his fingers have clearly summed up. And laughter, and sin, as they say.

Another absurd, but insulting the situation - to lose two aces available to you, say, perflope. Sometimes you like, and do not want to do this, but the situation forces. Who is to blame and where to look for the guilty? However, it also happens, even if it would seem, your attention is focused only on maps.

But a case occurred once in the most popular gathering place ladles - Israel. A native of ran through the streets completely naked. Naturally, the young man was seized by local police. As it turned out, the man simply, losing in poker to his comrades who have chosen punishment is a extravagant and fun way. Friends have concluded an agreement that the loser would have to jog through the city streets, and then dive into the sea and return to his comrades. Run unnoticed through the streets locals are not able to, so he was arrested. However, the police were very understanding, so no sanctions for the amateur online poker was not imposed.
There are some very strange happenings in the life of the fans to play poker. One girl, as usual, got up in the morning to come to work. Seeing her husband in the kitchen, who spent the night of online poker, she offered him a cup of coffee. On the husband very seriously said, "Honey, we need to talk seriously! You will not believe, but tonight you lost your husband in poker .... " The wife does not quite understand the heard, but still asked, "How could you do it, it's nonsense!". The husband sighed and blurted out, "Yes, but I was forced to lose Royal Flush ...». This, of course, an anecdote, but in life anything can happen, as they say.

And how do you such a situation is described in a single joke? Two friends sharing their success in online poker. One of them said that now his wife, also plays. Second mate it asks: "Why do you teach her to play?". The answer was not long in coming: "What's wrong, I'm glad. Yesterday, sitting in the living room, I played her all his wages! ". Maybe someone will be familiar to this case?

It is known that online poker brings together people of different nationalities, beliefs, professions, etc. On this subject there is an anecdote. The medical director is sitting at home, drinking tea and reading newspaper, sitting next to his wife and something embroider. Suddenly the phone rings. The tube raises the husband. At the other end a voice of his colleagues: "Immediately gather, we urgently need another person for the poker!". At the doctor loudly replied: "Certainly I will now!". The doctor begins to quickly dress up and collect things. His wife, putting her knitting, asks: "Why the rush? It happened something very serious? ". The husband calmly replied: "Yes, dear! Emergency call! There are four qualified experts, and they can not cope without me in any way! ».

Online poker is not only brings together different people, at different ends of the Earth, but sometimes unites hearts. That is what the following anecdote. The father asked his son, "Son, I understand that you found a girl? What is it? Where did you meet?". The son calmly replied: "Like most modern people, we met through the Internet, on a dating site." Father son accusingly responds: "Yes, what kind of generation-that matter? Well, as you can meet on the Internet? And if it was a man or a pervert? ". The son did not make excuses, and the father asked a counter-question: "Well, you and mom where they met? And under what circumstances? ". The father smiled, rubbed his hands together and said: "We are like normal people get to know, not what you are! I won it in a poker! ".
These are the jokes and funny situations gives rise to such a legendary game like poker!


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