Funny things related to music

While in exile on the island of St. Helena, Napoleon said: "In the Russian campaign, my troops have been two main enemies: the frost and the Russian military music." In fact, the French were afraid of panic rollicking Russian songs about falcons and red girl, not knowing what to shout, and even in the cold. In this ten - funny things that happened in the history of the music.

10th: French. During the French Revolution, the generals, asking for reinforcements, you wrote: "Send two regiments of soldiers or a thousand copies of the" Marseillaise. " And it helped, I swear!

9th place: Arabs with his obsession never to whistle tunes. However, this is not due to the fact that improper whistle: just whistling in the Islamic countries considered "devil music".

8th place: The amazing fact about the wildlife. Spiders, if before it began to play the violin, crawl out of their hiding places. Although, of course, is not to listen to music: the sounds of the violin spider web varies, and the spider thinks that caught prey.

7th place: In the Middle Ages, the rats were taken out of the cities flute. There was even a special profession: piper-piper. Incidentally, when recently in one old English castle hosted a rock concert, the rats of the castle is also completely disappeared.

6th place: In the Soviet era composers honored. On the Volga at the time the ship sailed on his nose which was written: "K. Dunaevsky. " But Dunaevsky called Isaac Osipovich! However, when the team reports the ship, they were assured that everything is correct. The ship was named "Composer Dunaevsky" and a long name does not fit on the nose.

5th place: a unique case in the history of music. In 1792, at the premiere of the opera "The Secret Marriage" by composer Cimarosa audience applauded so loudly that the artists were forced to perform on "encore" ... the whole opera as a whole. Even Luciano Pavarotti never do such a thing did not have to.

4th place: The story of the other great tenor Caruso. Once he was in the bank without any documents, and he had to sing a cashier, that he made sure that he really Caruso. After listening to an aria from "Tosca", the cashier agreed that it certifies the identity of the recipient and paid the money, and then Caruso admitted that never so did not try.

3rd place: Chaliapin and Gorky almost the same time to try in chorus. Gorky took, there Chaliapin.

2nd place: phonograms. Do not sin on Russian pop singers: the first "veneer" appeared in the late 19th century an Italian composer drove with them to the performance phonograph, which was recorded piano works of his party.

1st place: The most striking historical incident related to music, occurred in Russia. Nicholas I did not like the composer Glinka. And so much that he ordered to replace the brig for the guilty officers visit the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila".


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