There are more things on earth, Horatio ... including in some countries has its own unique music. For example, in Japan, two areas that are popular not only in Japan but also around the world - J-Rock and J-Pop. In nelyubiteley J-rock and J-pop at the sight of Japanese artists question: it's a girl or a boy? Often, they are mistaken in thinking that a female performer. But no, in Japan, it is believed that the more beautiful the man, the more he looks like a girl. However, they all look at the girls, and there is nothing wrong - the millions of people like it! But I'll start a story with performers male and female. Ayumi Hamasaki - one of the most famous personalities of the Japanese scene, which is informally called the "Queen of Japanese pop industry».

Ayumi sings in the genre of J-pop. Her work is loved not only in Japan but also abroad. In particular, Russia is not our little fans of Ayumi, she inspires. Ayumi not only a talented singer and artist, but also a trendsetter for young schoolchildren. Many copy her style. And after Ayumi starred in 3 commercials for the company Scooter Honda, many girls began to ride a moped to school. After the hype of the company «KOSE», producing cosmetics, the first 500,000 cosmetic kits were sold during the 2-days. In general, the success of products provided, if it advertises Ayumi Hamasaki. To understand just how Hamasaki popular in his country, look for Lady Gaga, so popular in America (though not only in America). Even in the arguments they are somewhat similar:
I understand that my job is to help people's dreams come true. I'm ready to do this until the songs that I sing, my. No one can take away from me my songs. When I need to see a consumer product. I have produkt.

Let us turn to the male performers.

The Gazette

Japanese visual kei band is one of the most famous in the entire J-rock. The Gazette is constantly experimenting with his music, playing from pop rock to metal. The band's popularity is so high that many foreign fans of their music no one but The Gazette, more and do not know. The group has a member who always walks with hiding his nose with a handkerchief. Rumor has it that he simply no nose, but this is only a rumor, and perhaps public relations. The Japanese love this. Especially this artist - Reita - much I loved by fans.

When asked how they have changed in the last 7 years, they say, not only about the change of voice:
We always say, "We the GazettE». But before we get completely out of sync, "We Ga, Ga, Gazette, Gazette!», Although had to say it all at once. And if you listen to the latest recording or video, we say, & quot; (quiet and sluggish) We the GazettE ... & quot ;, as if we traur.Esli compared to what it was 7 years ago, now we write the music for the sake of the music, and not to buy the money pokushat.

Fans even paint their favorite artists in the genre of "Anime».

An Cafe

An Cafe or Antic Cafe - famous pop-rock band, serving oshare-kei genre. What is different about this style? If you talk in short, the "peace, friendship, chewing gum." The band, by the way, like many others, is known far outside of Japan. So in 2009, they gave the first concert in Russia (Moscow). It is notable for the fact that he was even the first Japanese band concert in Russia. After him came many fans, An Cafe were surprised by their number. And immediately wanted to come to Russia and other Japanese performers, so in 2010 and 2011 concerts with Jay was a lot of rock.

Up to a certain point in the group comprised guitarist Bo (the blonde with long hair), but then left (it is said, he decided to learn), and was replaced by Yuki, who was among the people for his red curly wig when not called. Care Bo was accompanied by weeping and despair on the part of the fans - so much loved!

Yes, it's a boy.

Acid Black Cherry

Group Acid Black Cherry, which is abbreviated as ABC, is not as well known as the previous, but no less worthy of attention. Nothing special about it, like, not. Surprisingly, the vocalist Yasu and other members of the group is not very something and try of being a girl - they have it, and without much Meike doing great. I admit, when I saw a couple of years ago for the first time a photo Yasu, you could not understand - woman or man? Then I listen to the songs and the question has been removed. Voice Yasu very unfeminine.

Dir en grey

The group, which made a significant contribution to the development and popularization of visual-kei. Although Dir en grey define themselves as a group of alternative metal. In general, for those who like a heavier, Dir en grey - the best way out. One of the band Kyo insisted that the group through his music expressed the feelings of pain and wounds, as well as the insignificance and pettiness of human beings.
Group twice gave concerts in Russia, and they account for many fans!
Often the band performs and photographed this way:

But not rare and this type:

Concert in Berlin:
We were very surprised when we saw fans waiting in the street for a few days before the concert. We thought that people would not move because It was very hot \ 32 ° C \, but they are much shouting and galloping. We were pleased, but at the same time scared. Before we went on stage, some people had already fainted. Kyo was very worried. But the audience lit, and so are we. When we started playing, we were happy and felt so throughout the concert. Seriously no one was hurt, so we were pleased with the show.
Alice Nine

Or differently Alice9. The band plays in the style of visual-kei, but differs from Dir en grey. In style it is closer to The Gazette, though they, of course, quite different. The group is popular and well known, including abroad. Soloist - Shaw - love not only for voice but also for appearance. Sometimes his appearance main factors to girls and boys began to get involved in music Alice9. Asked about the favorite song Shaw responds:
«Velvet». «Velvet» - is the Fire. Fire is hot and beautiful. He can shake and writhe in the wind, but still give a strong light and heat. Our group also wants to give warmth and light of their fans. But the fire is still destructive properties. We wanted to tell people that they destroyed all unnecessary, sad and unfortunate out of his life.

Miyavi (Miyavi)

Imagine how famous Ayumi Hamasaki? That is just as famous for Miyavi. A feature of his work is the combination of classical Japanese music and culture with modern rap and pop culture of the country. In addition Miyavi does not only music, but also business and study. He is married and has a child. On the question of how to be a father, Miyavi answers:
Excellent. I hope so. Although it is very difficult. It's hard to play music. But the birth of a child made me think about life and death. Someone is born, and someone in the same moment umiraet.

Canon Vakeshima (Kanon Wakeshima)

Top female performer - female performer finish. Canon is a very talented girl with a strong voice. In addition, it is - a cellist, and all the music she performs. Her parents were very fond of music and gave the girl a name that comes from the musical term «canon», and it is written in hieroglyphs as "sound of flowers." The producers decided to take up the Canon, when they heard not just her voice and play the cello, but saw it as childlike, puppet. Her song Still Doll was the opening theme for the anime series Vampire Knight.
Mana-sama writes music and makes arrangements for the songs, I write lyrics. The main theme of my music - the story of a young girl, which gradually grows from a cute girl turns into something more dark and gloomy. All my lyrics are centered on this character.


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