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Piano - the king in the world of musical instruments. Cascades chords, tones and tones come to life under the hands of talented pianists for whom the triumph of sound - a unique and natural reality. And it seems that the sound is dissolved in the world.

So worked masters of the past. But in music has CONTEMPORARY composers whose works are brilliant, but in a different way. < Website I gathered for you in this post, such compositions - they will touch the finest strings of the soul.

Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera video>

Music of the Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi is saturated with images, phantoms, smells, colors and touches. His piano speaks to us - sometimes in a raised voice, sometimes softly, whisper. After this conversation, there is only one question - how this can be done with a piano and our hearts?

Fazil Say - Kara Toprak video>

Starting small punches keys octaves like somewhere at the bottom, piano melody rushes up to the top. Through the wind and the cusps Turkish composer Fazil Say is listening to the desired point of climbing, when you can, exhale, take a view of the valley spread out beneath their feet. But this was only the first pass of the three.

Rick Wakeman - Gone But Not Forgotten video>

Many children's father, the owner of quarrelsome character of Rick Wakeman known worldwide as an extraordinary keyboardist and prolific musician. His playing can be heard in the compositions of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, he played for other otvyaznyh rockers. And for myself occasionally writes here are lyrical piano ballads like "Vanished but not forgotten».

Max Richter - Written On The Sky video>

Max Richter, blending classical, electronic and rock motifs in his music, which he called "post-classic", ignores the shapes and sizes to fascinate, but very close to the sound. The work is "inscribed in heaven," she sang his friend Martin Jacoby, but that at least it sounds fine.

Jon Schmidt - All Of Me video>

Pianist John Schmidt plays on the team The Piano Guys, which we also remember in this post, but his solo compositions deliver no less fun. His piano game is always easy, sonorous and rapid as the major, full of delight sketch «All Of Me».

Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly video>

The composer Dustin O'Halloran suffered auditory synesthesia he "hears" the sounds of objects and natural phenomena, even if they are not really. Therefore, each of his work - a real symphony of space from which vibrates every nerve and every cell.

Keiko Matsui - Light Above The Trees video>

Quiet, beautiful, lush, but unobtrusive arrangements, dense and smooth sound - that's the basic components of music Keiko Matsui. Admittedly, this is a great relaxing background for any time of day and any thoughts.

Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel video>

Modern Estonian composer Arvo Pärt works in aesthetics, close to minimalism. The duo piano and violin in the religious composition was very intimate. We like seeing the birth of a new life, or the way the light breaks through the leaves.

The Piano Guys - Code Name Vivaldi video>

The Piano Guys have become famous thanks to YouTube, where they were placed videos with covers of popular songs, performed on the piano and cello. Their composition differs irrepressible energy and excellent sense of humor in each cycle.

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Atlantico video>

Modern Italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia is constantly looking for new forms and ways of expression. So do not regret their music, experimenting with size, like jumping over bars, accelerated and suddenly fades to the end of the melody was lost in a storm of applause.

Yiruma - River Flows In You video>

This work of the South Korean composer Li Ru Ma made famous by the film "Twilight", although in fact there is not even sounded. But omit the details - the music is more important, especially as «River Flows In You» has become one of the most sentimental tunes of our time.

Yann Tiersen - Comptine D'un Autre Été, L'après video>

French multi-instrumentalist Yann Tiersen wrote this magical piano track for the film "Amelie." Music conveys feelings as beautiful and undistorted, as do the children when grimace or offended.

Keith Jarrett - Standing Outside video>

Piano would not be so great if it could not play jazz. Composer and pianist Keith Jarrett knows it and makes key tool "answerable" to the fullest. Musician's love for his phenomenal talent improvisatory. And you just listen carefully - his game to really "live" and unpredictable.

Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First /
The Promise video>

Minimalistic, sometimes monotonous music of Michael Nyman often appears in the film, emphasizing the dramatic moments of quiet. Apparently, because of their musical constructions composer manages to bring the full range of feelings and emotions.

Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever video>

This composition Clint Mansell wrote for the film "The Fountain", but it has surpassed the popularity of the original source. The power, smooth melody keeps in suspense to the last measure, and as if continues to sound in my head, even after its completion.

Dario Marianelli - Over My Dead Body video>

Composer Dario Marianelli - a genius of music, so skillfully infused into our hearts with a mixture of many different feelings and emotions. A special place in his compositions always took piano parts - sometimes gentle, sometimes demanding, sometimes almost transparent, but always colorful.

Balmorhea - Young Man Theme video>

Balmorhea Texas team plays chamber music, melodies with minimalist yet very dense and rich sound. Therefore, her music gives a very warm, like this song.

Keith Kenniff - Aerial video>

Keith Kenniff - young and gifted musician, a native of Portland. The music of his light, plastic, and we would say, palpable. You can "touch" her intonation curves and hollows, and then admire - what is it that the piano is a great tool.

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