8 cool science experiments for kids

We have in the kitchen kept a lot of things that you can put an interesting experiment for kids. Well, for myself, to be honest, to do a couple of discoveries from the category of "I never noticed it before."

Website 8 chose experiments that will delight children and cause them a lot of new questions.

1. Lava lampa

need salt, water, a cup of vegetable oil, some food coloring, a large clear glass or jar.

experience A glass 2/3 filled with water, pour in the water vegetable oil. The oil will float on the surface. Add water to the food coloring and butter. Then, slowly sprinkle in 1 teaspoon of salt.

explanation The oil is lighter than water, so floats on the surface, but the salt is heavier than oil, so when you add the salt in a glass of butter with salt begins to sink to the bottom. When salt dissolves, it releases the oil particles and they rise to the surface. Food coloring can help make the experience more visual and entertaining.

2. Personal raduga

need a container filled with water (bath, basin), flashlight, mirror, piece of white paper.

experience In container, pour water and put on the bottom of the mirror. Is directed to the mirror flashlight. The reflected light to catch on the paper on which there should be a rainbow.

explanation A beam of light is composed of several colors; when it passes through the water, it is decomposed into its constituent parts - a rainbow.

3. Vulkan

need Tray, sand, plastic bottle, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar.

experience Around a small plastic bottle of clay or sand should dazzle small volcano - for the entourage. To cause an eruption, you should fill the bottle two tablespoons of baking soda, add a quarter cup of warm water, add a little food coloring, and finally pour a quarter cup of vinegar.

explanation When baking soda and vinegar in contact, begins a vigorous reaction with the release of water, salt and carbon dioxide. Gas bubbles and eject the contents out.

4. Grow kristally

need salt, water, wire.

experience To get crystals, you need to prepare a supersaturated solution of salt - one in which you add a new portion of the salt is dissolved. Thus it is necessary to maintain a warm solution. To process was better, it is desirable that the water was distilled. When the solution is ready, it should be poured into a new container, to get rid of trash, which is always there in the salt. Further, the solution can be lowered with a small wire loop on the end. Put the jar in a warm place to a liquid cooled slowly. After a few days on the wires grow beautiful salt crystals. If you get the hand, can grow quite large crystals or decorative crafts on twisted wire.

explanation With the cooling of the water solubility of the salt drops, and it begins to precipitate out and settle on the walls of the vessel and on your wire.

5. Dancing coin

need A bottle, a coin, which can cover the neck of the bottle, the water.

experience An empty bottle to put uncovered for a few minutes in the freezer. Moisten with water and cover with a coin it taken out of the freezer a bottle. After a few seconds the coin will start jumping and hitting the neck of the bottle, make sounds like clicks.

explanation Coin raises the air, which has shrunk in the freezer and took a smaller amount, and now is hot and began to expand.

6. Color moloko

need Whole milk, food coloring, liquid soap, cotton buds, a plate.

experience Pour the milk into a bowl, add a few drops of dye. Then we need to take a cotton swab dipped in detergent and touch the wand to the center of the plate with milk. Milk will begin to move, and color - mixed.

Explanation Detergent reacts with molecules in the milk fat and sets them in motion. It is therefore not appropriate for an experiment skim milk.

7. fireproof kupyura

need a ten bill, tongs, matches or lighter, salt, 50% ethyl alcohol (1/2 by 1/2 of the alcohol portion of the water).

experience The alcoholic solution add a pinch of salt, immerse the bill to the solution so that it is completely soaked. Take the tongs bill from the solution and allow to drain excess fluid. Ignite bill and watch it burn, without burning.

explanation As a result of the combustion of ethanol produced water, carbon dioxide and heat (energy). When you set fire to the bill, the burning alcohol. The temperature at which it burns is insufficient to evaporate the water, which is impregnated paper bill. As a result, all of the alcohol burns, the flame goes out, and slightly damp dozen remains intact.

8. Walk on yaytsam

need two dozen eggs in the cells, a garbage bag, a bucket of water, soap, and good friends.

experience a bed on the floor garbage bag and put him two boxes of eggs. Check the eggs in boxes, replace, if you notice a cracked egg. Also check that all the eggs are oriented in one direction - up or sharp points, or blunt. If properly set foot, evenly distributing the weight, it is possible to stand or walk on the balls barefoot. If extreme by careless movement does not want to, you can put on the top of the eggs thin board or tile. Then nothing will hurt.

explanation Everyone knows that the egg is easy to break, but the egg shell is very durable and can withstand a lot of weight. "Architecture" is an egg that under uniform pressure, the stress is distributed over the entire shell and does not let her break.

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