20 cover songs, which exceeded the original

Sometimes the songs, get a second or third-tenth birth in cover versions, remain forever in the memory of the people in that, rethinking and converted, as, and the authors' names are forgotten in favor of the talented processors.

Website has collected 20 popular songs, cover songs that get stronger, stronger, better, and sometimes just as good as the original version. The list, of course, subjective. Therefore, share your favorite cover versions in the comments.

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love YouMoschneyshy bestseller Whitney Houston - love drama, suffering two awards "Grammy." Hard to believe, but it's a cover version. Originally, long before the "Bodyguard", it was a single American country singer Dolly Parton. Parton has made several versions of his musical creations, but the worldwide success of Whitney could only envy.

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Johnny Cash - HurtTot case where from a pretty ordinary by the original diamond cut comes true. Although Johnny Cash, as you know, was a great magician and transformed into a jewel of everything it touches. In his performance of the song received the highest honors. And deservedly.

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Jeff Buckley - HallelujahPesnyu-prayer, "Hallelujah," wrote Leonard Cohen, but the performance of Jeff Buckley by many as the best - of the more than 300 versions. "Hallelujah" at the Buckley turned a little more pained and sad than ever detached from Cohen, but the more catharsis listener during a gradual crescendo.

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Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the WorldPerepevali her not once, but wade cerebellar variant performed Nirvana. David Bowie's song, to sing Kurt Cobain and company turned out so vigorously that David himself recognized its superiority. She naturally fit into the "nirvanovskoe" work, in the coming years Bowie performing "Man Who Sold the World", I heard comments such as, "Hey, boy, that Kurt sang the song!».

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The Fleetwoods - Unchained MelodyPo number of recorded versions of Unchained Melody as one of the "rekordsmenok» XX century. Despite the fact that the most popular version was the cover band The Righteous Brothers, we have decided to include in its collection, in our opinion, more soulful and sensual version of The Fleetwoods.

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Scala & Kolacny Brothers - CreepScala & Kolacny Brothers - Belgian girls' choir. They rehash classic rock and indie songs and turn them into elegiac hymns. Cover versions sound as if they were performed by the angels. Chorus to sing the song of a rock band Radiohead Creep excellent example of this.

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Muse - Feeling GoodEtot song was written in 1965, and the world knew him by Nina Simone, John Coltrane and Sammy Davis Junior. However, only a rock trio Muse managed to carry him into the stratosphere. The song has long been a part of their show.

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Richard Cheese - Rape MeRichard Cheese - it's not just a performer, a real showman, entertaining the audience with his masterful cancel comic versions of popular songs. Cauvery in his performance simply superb. Take, for the song "Nirvana» ​​Rape Me. How could so blithely fulfill the heroin soaked track, yet at the same time encouraging the public ("Kamon, evribadi, reyp mi!")? In general, listen and enjoy.

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Aerosmith - Come TogetherRebyata of Aerosmith were able to do the impossible: they have sung this song better than sang it themselves "The Beatles." It was one of the first and most successful cover versions of Come Together. The single immediately liked the audience and took the 23rd position in the hot hundred magazine Billboard.

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Spleen - Let's make a pause in slovahAleksandr Vasiliev took the song "Time Machine" and performed it just heartbreaking. It is impossible not goose bumps listening to this song.

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Emeli Sande and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Crazy in LoveNovaya version of the song was recorded for the soundtrack to the film "The Great Gatsby." And who would have thought that the song of perepevki r'n'b-singer Beyonce can get a good cover in the style of jazz 20s, fully conveys the atmosphere of the film.

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Marilyn Manson - Sweet DreamsMerilin Manson ambitiously tried to outdo the Eurythmics, a rehash of their legendary Sweet Dreams. He took a sensational hit and made it slower, darker, but sensual. One can not tell which version is better, but the cover of Manson's definitely worth considering.

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Jimi Hendrix - All Along the WatchtowerSochinivshy this song Bob Dylan admitted that Jimi Hendrix played it better than him and he even started playing it live in the style of the greatest guitarists of all time. And in the famous list of Rolling Stone came option «All Along the Watchtower» by Hendrix.

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The Animals - The House of the Rising SunIznachalno this song was a classic American folk melody. Songs are performed in a lot of actors, but the most popular is the version of The Animals.

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Joan Jett - I Love Rock'n'RollOdna of the most famous rock songs of the XX century was written by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker of the group The Arrows and originally performed by the group, but only after her quail Joan Jett, this song became world fame.

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Walk off the Earth - Somebody That I Used to KnowVelikolepnuyu cover version of the Melbourne musician Gotye made four boys and a girl from the Canadian band Walk off the Earth. The version can be called a genius if only because the guys perform all music games just one guitar.

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Vanilla Sky - Ringing the January Sky vyugaVanilla known worldwide as heroic victors pop. They are very cool rehash popular songs, and especially for the concert, held in the CIS, the guys did a cover of a song from "Ivan". Glam pop punk, emotional in a positive, cheerful sense of the word.

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Gregorian - Gregorian FrozenNemetsky musical collective known that rehash pop and rock songs in the style of imitating Gregorian chant. Fulfilled "monks" according to the canons of the Gregorian choir Madonna song sounds solemn and powerful.

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The Troggs - Wild ThingVizitka band The Troggs. Wild Thing in their performance regularly falls into the lists of the best songs of all time. This immaculate lyrics penned American Chip Taylor, and in 1965 he recorded The Wild Ones. After recording the same song a year later, The Troggs eclipsed the competition and immediately found themselves at the top of the charts Billboard «Hot 100».

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Zdob Si Zdub - saw nochEta cover version was so colorful and enchanting original that even ardent fans of Viktor Tsoi can not disagree.

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