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About Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black all probably already know. But there is still a lot of ordinary folks who at one point became interested in the thousands of people through the world's most popular streaming video YouTube. Prior to Russia, their popularity has not yet been reached (maybe it's for the better), but on the other side of the ball they are already half stars

Briefly about each of them. Video attached

Charis. Oprah Winfrey named this 19-year-old Filipino girl the most talented girl in the world. It all began with the fact that Charice posted on YouTube recording of his performance of songs by Celine Dion. Millions of amateur videos, but the voice Charis fascinated users and thousands of video score display. Later it turned out that Charice is also a performer of original songs! In 2010, she released her debut album, and at the same time she was invited to star in an episode of "losers." Charis now considered one of the most promising young singers in the world

Kenan Cahill. This 15-year-old man suffering from a rare childhood bone disease. But this did not prevent him two years ago to become a star Yutuba. Kenan laid out his video parodies of well-known hits, such as 50 Cent and Katy Perry with the caption "A strange boy." Later, these artists were invited to participate in the Kenan their concerts

Christina Perri. Christina - a professional singer, which initially did not have the money to agents, managers, and so on. So she decided to promote themselves via YouTube. Her song «Jar of Hearts» so pleased with users that Lea Michele later recorded her cover version of the series "Losers", and most Christine offered a record deal

14-year-old pianist Greyson Chance YouTube blew through a proprietary alteration hit Lady Gaga «Paparazzi». And all of America learned about it after his visit to the talk show Ellen DeGeneres. Short-term, of course, the glory, but still ... Maybe something else ...

The duo twins Megan and Liz have collected more than half a million views on YouTube thanks to his cover version of popular hits. Later, the girls appeared producer and they have already started recording his own songs

Funny been popular at all times. Robert "Bo" Burnham became famous for his sardonic song, laid out on YouTube. Bo is now touring the states and zashibaet money. The guy did not reach the heights of Sinatra, but it will work well, I think

Surely, you know the work of yutubovskih kinoobzorschikov. This is when a guy stands in front of camera and starts verb something about the new movie, show, etc. Obzorschikom most popular in the world is Dylan O'Brien, who is also moviekidd826. His video «How to Make a YouTube Video» and «How to Prepare for the SAT in 45 Seconds» gathered tens of thousands of hits

Esme Denters. Dutch singer and songwriter as well as Christina Perri initially had neither the producers nor the agents. But then, when her cover versions of famous hits rated YouTube, Esme began performing solo and even sang on stage with Justin Timberlake

Well, I just can not not mention it, but it certainly can not be called a star Yutuba global scale. My compatriot - Nazar Tumanik schoolboy, who won the interactive voting Ukrainian version of "X-Factor". In the super final show Nazar took to the stage and performed the hit Lady Gaga «Bad romance». I plakal ...

Man burns! This is a must see!


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