Curiosities from filming movies

During the shooting of the film takes place a variety of curiosities and funny moments.
An interesting incident occurred during the filming of the movie "Leon».
A fleeing thief after a robbery and stumbled upon the actors in police uniform, realizing the hopelessness of the situation, he gave up custody order.

During the filming of a robbery scene in one of the shops for the thriller "27 killed" suddenly appeared alongside the police, which is aimed at actors' service weapon, ordered them to quit "gun" to the ground and then handcuffed. It turned out that trade in the store did not stop during filmmakers (well not to lose the profits), and one of the visitors decided to make a joke, causing outfit.

And in Norway, during the filming of adult operators accidentally filmed footage of the robbery. The incident occurred in the midst of the work crew in one of the apartments in the center of Oslo. One of the operators casually looked out the window and saw that next to the house, three armed bandits attacked a van collectors. The operator immediately turned the camera to the actors on the robbers managed to shoot almost the entire stage a robbery. The police confiscated all the videos. By the way, the film was never completed.

And to complete the police topics such history. Jason Steytem once said that while filming thriller "The Bank Job" (the real crime that happened in 1971), he consulted with one of the participants in a robbery. The piquancy of the situation is that the police have not been able to catch the thieves, and consultant Jason worked on the set of anonymous.

But sometimes there are situations when the actor did not get to enter into the image, and he needed help. So, during the filming of "Gladiator" Joaquin Phoenix turned to Ridley Scott with an unusual request - he needed someone to somehow insulted or humiliated him in front of each take, in order to better get into character. Directed by long pondering, he turned and shouted: "Russell!". The result of "help" you see on the screen.


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