The most unusual criminal incidents

5th Place:

The woman was arrested during a scout meeting, which was attended by her son. At this meeting a police officer showed the young scouts how to work trained drug detection dog, which had subsequently female handbag, a bag of weed.

4 Place:

Two million nine hundred sixty four thousand one hundred ninety seven

Masked man with a gun entered the shop and demanded revenue. After the money was the robber, he saw a large bottle of whiskey, and commanded her, but the seller politely refused, citing doubts that the age allows a boy to drink alcohol.

After some wrangling, the offender pulled a driver's license and showed it to the seller. He carefully studied the document, accepted the legitimacy of obtaining alcohol and Packed the bottle. Then they broke up. But not for long, as two hours later the robber was arrested by the police in his own apartment, because the seller said the name and address specified in the rights.

3rd Place:

The police station received a complaint from some woman about the theft of her car. She also reported that the car left her phone. Police called the phone, said an ad in the newspaper long ago a car like this wanted. Make an appointment. Encountered. The arrest, trial, prison.

2nd Place:

During the trial in Michigan, the defendant in the case of drug possession Christopher Jansen said that he was searched without a warrant. The Prosecutor replied that the jacket on Christopher during a search of the strangely bulging, and the officer suggested that under her gun, and in this case, the order did not need. "Nonsense" said Jansen, "I'm in the same jacket, and then where to hide the gun? "Having said that, the defendant took off his jacket and gave it to the judge. During the inspection in a jacket pocket, the judge discovered a packet of cocaine. The meeting had to take a break, because five minutes the judge could hardly sit laughter.


Eighty six million four hundred fifty two thousand thirteen

One wealthy American gentleman purchased a box of very expensive and rare cigars. So expensive and rare that he even insured, including against fire. A month later, cigars were smoked. The man turned to the insurance company with the statement that the cigars he lost the cigars in "a series of small fires" (in English "fire" and "fire" are identified one with the word fire).

The company rejected the application, stating that the cigars were consumed in the most natural way for cigars. The man filed a lawsuit and won the case. Insurers had to pay the "victim" was 15 thousand dollars. However, once the master received the money, he was immediately arrested and charged with 24 episodes of deliberate destruction of the insured property through arson.

Summary of new process: 24 months in prison and $ 24,000 fine.

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