As anecdote life saved

I once saved the life anecdote. No, not in the alley gopotu amused. Not even told - there was no time. Just happily remembered.

Was that way in 1993, I was lucky to get to the Urals to the practice. We visited a lot of good and different places, and one of them was called Kurochkin log. More precisely, we are interested not the log, and careers in the hold. At present it is not a career, as well - a misunderstanding. Small, unprepossessing, and abandoned addition. During the war, here titanium-zirconium ore mined. A little small, but up and down the rock on the sides to carry uncomfortable and miners struck a small tunnel connecting the bottom of the quarry to the slope of the mountain. We were interested in it zirconium and titanium minerals. If you search, you can find good examples of zircon and sphene.

"But what have the anecdote?" - May already resents someone. Patience, have come to the crucial point.

So, while I otkolachival regular pattern on the edge of the quarry came a group of students. With a teacher. They asked who it was so loud, I said, and went out of the Stone "visor". More precisely, we started going out. And at that moment I was a teacher at the top and loudly called: "Pasha!»

And then I (starting to lift his head), I remember anecdote (or rather - kontsovochka!) About two bricks:

"Sit two bricks on the roof of the old and the young. Young sad looking down. To him crawling old brick. -What So sad? Yes, Ivanovitch again put on a helmet. -Eh, You young people, you do not know anything around you should be taught, how to see, "Ivanovich !!!" -A ??? "

The identity of the situation with the end of the joke was so great that I ran with all the dope in the tunnel. After a split second at the place where I had been standing, stone fell. Large. The helmet would not have saved, by the way. Top asked - why and how I responded that everything is in order, and the process of learning career resumed.

If the guardian angels still is, my - a good sense of humor.

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