General and savvy translator

Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, nine hundred and eighty iced tysyacha year. In the city of Dresden, our military invited German officers to celebrate the November 7 in the garrison club, assembly hall. A very important event - after all official international action with a political color. As it should be - first official part, then - a banquet. For the report of the "center" arrives a Lieutenant-General. As usual, in the report he prepared text for a few dozen pages - the successes of our socialist society, on the growing international friendship between our countries and the important mission carried out by us in Eastern Europe, etc. Interpreter report assigned a lieutenant, a very intelligent young man, passionately in love with the German culture and language, and little adapted for military service. No exploits he never been, and to be noticed (and can be promoted in the service), it must have been like ¬ęGeneral from Moscow." With great zeal he four-simultaneous translation German colleagues report that, taking all his will into a fist, trying not to fall asleep and not to cause an international scandal. German officers - educated people and so I try to portray facial expression concerned. But by the end of the four-hour report even act Lieutenant-General became apparent that the audience is in a state of predkomatoznom. So that little to defuse the situation, concluded loklada, he decided to tell an anecdote ... The young translator not to miss ideomaticheskie phrases and better convey the meaning of a joke guests, first listened to all the anecdote, and then decided to move ... After a long pause, stuttering voice he gave to German language that only a few years later decided to tell their friends: - Dear guests ... Just in conclusion of the report, my general tell you an anecdote, the meaning of which I did not understand, even in their native language. If you have a shred of sympathy for me, I beg you not to "surrender" I applaud the authorities and participated as a speaker ... Usually aged Germans slipped from their chairs laughing joyfully applauded the end of their meal. General was satisfied - the report was a success! A senior lieutenant in a month washing the Stars captain.



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