Well, almost everything is correct)))

If you decide to create a humorous blog, you know that ...
 1. Over anecdotes to tell your friends you will not laugh. Never. Even drunk.
 2. Moreover, told an anecdote or a joke brings boredom and thought "damn, it's already in my archives from the sixth number!»
 3. You have forgotten how to tell jokes. Most of the ones you do decide to tell, will begin with the phrase: "... and here I remember, I immediately threw in aysikyu link ...»
 4. You will find that humorous sites do not go to read and steal content. Well, look at the pictures, of course!
 5. Prostitutes will trigger an almost physical revulsion. And the names of the sites on which it will be possible to order them, you will remember by heart. As well as pictures of some of the "night fairies»
 6. Warez Portals cause a strange feeling of déjà vu when you go into their section "Humor" or "Comedy».
 7. Colleagues are not surprised to hear that "today pancake day some stupid - only seven thousand unique!»
 8. You will have a thirst for unconventional humor - for example, all zadolbali anecdote about the chicken you will be taken with a satisfied grin, and he heard about the "car of dead children better unload the forks" you gleefully pronounce the his "ha ha!».
 9. you would bring to automatism technique reply to letters in the style of "in Minya ezd site on the people - there prikolnyya pictures and anikdotaff much - pasmatri pazhalusta!". Delete - Delete - Delete.
 10. You will find that the copyright for you - a sore subject. After eighteen thousand five hundred and sixty seventh post is somehow do not want to add to the end of «© taken here." But it is necessary, because "so do all"


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