Guru Arjan on hot stones

Fifth Sikh Guru was Guru Arjan. Ruler of the country decided to punish him for no apparent reason. In June, during the hottest time of the year, he was forced to sit on the hot stones, under which there was a fire. Hot sand poured on his head. The punishment lasted seven days and seven nights without any reaction from the Guru Arjan.
Passing by, saw another Holy Guru Arjan position and asked him:
- If you let me, I will destroy the kingdom.
Guru Arjan replied:
- Close your eyes and look up a bit.
Then I saw all the Holy angels, devils and all the powers of God. He realized that God worked through Guru Arjan, Guru Arjan and myself had enough power to destroy the kingdom. Holy asked:
- Why do not you use all of these forces?
Guru Arjan replied:
- So I teach people to accept the will of God.
He was tortured for seven long days. After prolonged torture he left the body. He did not use any on their own and did not ask any of his captors to stop the torture. He did not subdue them, and obeyed his will, allowing them to act in accordance with their wishes.
But what happened next? His son became a great warrior. He gathered a large army and fought against the kingdom. He destroyed more than two hundred thousand men of the kingdom, where he was martyred father.
Man who tortured, did nothing, but the nature of justice, choosing his weapon warrior, his son.


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