Bhutan. Nest of the Tigress

Tigress Nest Monastery is a large cave in which Guru Rimpoche meditated. In the 8th century, Guru Rimpoche flew from the eastern Butun riding a tigress. According to legend, in the tiger turned his wife, who was with Guru Rimpoche during his meditation on a high cliff above the valley of Paro. She also knowable teachings of the Buddha. Subsequently, the wife of Guru Rinpoche went to meditate on its plan. Guru Rinpoche went to Nepal and Sikkim. Later in the 13th century on a sheer cliff at an altitude of 800 meters above Paro Valley was built a small temple. In the 15th century distributor Kagyupa teachings Fudge has expanded the temple, raised a chapel.
Monastery visited in the 16th century the famous King Shambdrung. In the 17th century, the Tibetan ruler Tenzir Ovgey, rebuilt the monastery, giving it a look as close as possible to the contemporary. Taksang Monastery - one of the most revered in Bhutan. In 1999 the monastery was burned to the ground for an unknown reason. The next day, the King of Bhutan Jigme Wangchuck Singhal came on foot to the monastery, because there are no roads and hardly will. The king gave the order to immediately build a new monastery, which was done within 5 years.
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Climbing to the monastery takes little time and effort. It's really difficult. Start begins with a height of 2, 5 km and ends at 3, 2 km. In fact, it would have to go straight for about 8 km and it is up and down and even pomotm!

About half way possible priodolet on just such horses! But firstly it is not safe, and secondly is not interesting! I want to feel the charm of recovery.

So I gain strength and go.

In September, Bhutan still quite hot, and at this altitude sun can burn a hole in the head! therefore we have to leave very early.

So far, the road goes through the woods and not very steep climb, you can safely consider mantras and breathe clean air.

The lonely traveler on his way to be

Within these houses are the prayers of the drums, which are driven by the power of water is very convenient.

Gradually, the road becomes more difficult, and the height of an effect!

And periodically, somewhere from behind the clouds, it looked through one of the most beautiful temples in the world.

It is this group of pensioners just shocked me. In view of their 65-70 years, and they had gone about a third of the way. I am here in my 30 years, I have been with the language on the shoulder. How they did it (I met them later on top of) a mystery to me. I just admire their strength of will, and a desire to conquer the monastery. That's what Old School!

Meanwhile, I get up above the first layer of clouds.

I am very worried about the weather, to do this the hard way and look at the clouds, as it is not wanted.

But the clouds, yet betray what that mystery this place.

That's halfway over. There's even hardworking mules are not destiny. Since then begins the hardest part of recovery.
And do not say it would be very difficult to climb on all fours is not necessary, although sometimes very much :) Just accumulated fatigue makes itself felt.

And now, after two hours of lifting, finally the long-awaited Nest of the Tigress.

I even now view their photos and can not believe that it is possible to construct such a miracle. And besides that the altitude of 3200 meters, so even on the kilometer-long cliff!

Here is where the chair, the place is just gorgeous. Imagine you wake up in the morning, at dawn ... and behold, behold, contemplate. Bhutanese I understand why they have instead of gross domestic product, gross domestic happiness, and it official at the state level!

Meanwhile, the clouds go away and reveal a wonderful view.

In order to get to the monastery would have to go down to the bottom, and then again to climb the steep stairs.

Wonderful flags with mantras, in a magical place.

The descent into the gorge was unexpectedly difficult. It involves completely different muscles, legs just kameneyut.

Near the temple tigress seems very tiny


In the gorge, the source of freshwater for the temple - a waterfall!

The place where the last climb begins. By the way there, I met with a photographer from England, who had his own personal ... squire, thrust him lenses!

The reverse side of the gorge, the monastery the previous photo I made with wooden buildings.

The last meters are hard, but the hardest thing behind. That's what I thought ... until I went back;)

In business there are any means available, stage a pretty steep

Here it is, a modest entrance. No gold / diamonds, fanfares or other nonsense! I must say that in Bhutan generally all modestly.

It is taken the whole digital technology. At first I was upset, but then I realized that this is even better. Inside is a humble Buddhist temple, with a very strong energy, this technique will not give, it is necessary to experience for yourself, let through!

By the way ... and that's an Englishman, I just did not notice that he was in the same frame.
On the other side of the bridge the trail forks. The path to the right leads up to a cave where Guru Rinpoche meditated. It opened only once a year.

Of course prayers fluttering in the wind!

Meanwhile, rested and typing the physical and spiritual strength, I go in the opposite way.

The sun is already shining in all its Bhutanese force.

Here in this picture is clearly seen what a wonderful view opens Guru Rimpoche. And his wife is the same tigress, she knew a lot about where to build. So like it or not, and all of the women!))) If not for her, so would not be erected this wonderful and magical temple.



This temple is even higher and there allowed only pilgrims.

These photos show how the temple, as it were, cutting into the rock.

conquering every centimeter

So ended another stage of my journey. I would have said- it was the most difficult for all 15 days of my wanderings. Someone says that "it is you're still gunpowder smelled in the mountains." And he will be right, but poverte- this is not the easiest task. For me, jack ass Tigress in memory for a long time - it's like Easter Island. It leaves its mark on all his life.

Ahead you will find a story about stalitse Butnev much more interesting. In the meantime, you are welcome to read the remaining parts.

Enjoy watching.



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