The Kingdom of Bhutan.

Lots of text and images. Pictures are not mine, because the burned screws (budvonaneladen stsuko), as found on the Internet. Thanks to all photographers.
It's just a bit of experience and facts.

Chapter First. A bit of history
Bhutan - it is quite a small country between the Himalayas, India and China, for some third-party estimates it is home to about 1 million people, but how many really do not know, probably, even their new, very young (23 years) king. Title Bout delivered the civilized world from the British, who in the 18th century the area to hang out in the area with a view to gain and there is something in translation means. They themselves call themselves, on hearing like DrukYul, which translated to their language (spoken language similar to Tibetan) means "Land of the Thunder Dragon". By the way, this dragon is depicted on their national flag. It is a country of primeval Buddhism, which brought on the wings of a tigress already great Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century BC Tigress, if I have correctly understood the interpreter, his wife was prone to transformations for the benefit of her husband's name I do not remember.
Monastery "jack tigress," he stands on an impregnable rock, and is a major pilgrimage site. Scary place for non-Buddhists (quite a different attitude toward death), around the gulf, mountains, circling vultures, no fences. Zen. Dragon said that Thunder, lives somewhere close to the towering mountains and white ice surrounding the "Nest of the Tigress." As guides say: "If you do not see it, it does not mean it is not there. He's there, look better »
Other photos virtually impossible to find as closer you still can not take pictures.

more "jack tigress»

Chapter 2. King around the head or confusing any of our civilization.
This is one of the most unique countries in the world. For example, television and non-smoking, but allowed the magic and witchcraft, which quietly taught in school how we mold from plasticine. To properly understand this country need to know one simple thing. All the rights of the king, wants to permit, prohibit wants. Here he decided that everything should go well-dressed in plaid "robes" (forgot the name). No sooner said than done. The same thing happened with the houses. They used to be boring, clay and fragile, and now resemble pryanishnye Bhutanese houses and constantly -That stained paint on. I suspect that uzorchiki on the houses of the same object of pride as Lamborzhnini Diablo. Television-smoking king, non-smoking king

More outfits



in the background is just clay ruins

but the work

Chapter 3. About the phallus and what he does in this country "at every fence»
You see, that is drawn? Yes it is yuh in all its glory. Generally, these Asians revere the genital organ, but as that worship him in specially designated areas. But Bhutanese sincerely believe that this image protects them from evil spirits. Type "factor yu, spirits, begone" kakgbe they say it. The size of the image and frankness grow further from the capital. About this is a different story. There was a holy wanderer Lama Drupke Kinley, the story of his adventures will make the ears of any kind of fade types Yapovtsa. But about penis legend has it that this great saint during his wanderings specifically sought out wayward demons and beat them on the head with his member, thereby turning them into angels. That's what makes the dick-giving! A huge wooden penis out of brown wood with silver handle - one of the most important relics of the monastery, it is placed on the head of those who came to pray, it is believed it helps childless.


Chapter 4. Leisure
What are they doing in the country, almost completely zakrtoy of "benefits" of civilization? They make absolutely stunning holidays. Of course, all of them related to religion. Here, for example, Chechu Paro festival, which is dedicated to the Great Guru Rinpoche, who brought Buddhism to the country (the tigress, remember?). It lasts five days, it's a whole faerie dance, masks, paints, prayers and stories, which do not change for nearly a thousand years. Generally, they dance just as in any more or less significant issue. Huge number of species of ritual dances, each represents something. During dance like there is something pritorgovat. In other words - fair, so fair razzudis shoulder ...





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