Kingdom of the little people

Near the Chinese city of Kunming (which is in the southwest of China) also has a pretty strange village, where you will immediately feel like Gulliver in lilliput.

The fact that I live in this small for its size the village alone dwarfs that are settled separately from everyone to live out their own kind, thus avoiding ridicule or inconvenience.

So was born the "Kingdom of little people" theme Park, which employs some dwarfs, and where you can easily come and relax. Interesting, isn't it? What only did not think these Chinese:)

But it will be interesting even just to walk around the city, as it has its own well-developed infrastructure (school, hospital, various shops).

But not all dwarves can live in here, as there is one rule: the height should not exceed 129 see So now the youngest resident of 18 years and the oldest 48 years.

The Park has a lot of entertainment. Each day everyone who works there, play for visitors to scenes from fairy tales, dancing, singing, that is as soon as you can try to cheer you up.

By the way, the owner of the Park — not a dwarf, for which many criticize him, saying he is exploiting the dwarfs, staging a human zoo. To which he replied that he gave a well-paid job not less than 200 dwarfs

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