15 gorgeous corner of the planet where I want to put a deck chair and stop time

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In a week it's spring — time to Wake up and unforgettable journeys. Someone dreams of the marvelous waterfalls, others involve gardens of cherry blossoms, and someone nicer to just stroll through the ancient streets. Luckily, wonderful places on our planet do not count.

And the Website is excited to inspire you with a selection of the most romantic places in the world according to National Geographic.

Venice, Italy

It's so easy to feel like the hero of a romantic movie. Inspiration is in the air! The narrow channels are you running to the ancient palaces, visiting unique museums and the Gallery of the Academy, pass over the bridge of Sighs. Somewhere on San Marco walking people in carnival masks. And enjoying a Cup of coffee and a delicious dessert, you will think that no wonder Venice is called La Serenissima — "the most serene".

Big Sur, California

The gorgeous coast area of California like a set up for romantic privacy. Ridge Santa Lucia is the highest here. The inspiration was described by Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller. During the trip, don't forget to admire the waterfall, Makua and the famous Bixby bridge Creek.

Mykonos, Greece

Ah, Mykonos! Ancient temples, rocky hills, aspiring to the azure sea, the white houses, the majestic ships and windmills. The Aegean sea is waiting for all the romantics on the marvelous island is known for its cosmopolitan character.

The River Moselle

The Moselle river flows through the wine regions of Germany, France and Luxembourg. For 20 centuries doing the famous Moselle wine. Wine connoisseurs dream to visit autumn festivals in the picturesque towns of Traben-Trarbach, Bernkastel-Kues and others. And yet there is a popular Moselradweg Bicycle route.

Kerala, India

In Kerala there are white beaches by the Arabian sea, and the blue mountains, with forests and coconuts, and exotic animals and fragrant spices. There are colorful Hindu temples coexist with synagogues and luxury hotels, and guides on ecotourism and Ayurvedic healers to help travelers to find harmony of body and soul.

Yunnan, China

Yunnan province is famous for beautiful scenery and a kaleidoscope of interesting places. This part of the world has awarded lots of epithets: "rainbow of ethnic groups" (25 peoples), "biological Museum" (the rich flora and fauna), the "Kingdom of nonferrous metals". There are magical rice fields, and a Source of butterflies, and the Lion's mountain, and Stone forest. And the beauty of the Park "black dragon pool" will long dream of anyone who has been here.

Skye, Scotland

On the Isle of Skye before the traveler open pristine landscapes. Emerald green hills, cliffs and blue waters, breathtaking. Attractions there is also fantastic: Dunvegan castle, plateau Quirang, Pools of fairies and a Magical bridge. By the way, the book about Harry Potter it is reported that it inhabits the Hebrides black dragon.

Bruges, Belgium

Built in the VII century Bruges does not change. Here, every building holds the secrets of the past. They say that in whichever direction the travelers went in this city, they always find sights and beautiful places. And don't forget to look at the Museum of fine arts and the Museum of chocolate.

Côte D'azur, France

The Mediterranean coast of France in the South-East of the country. From Toulon to the Italian border stretches of Sunny beaches, wonderful roads near the sea and a cosy town. You will enchant the promenade des Anglais, castle hill, the Opera of nice and the many architectural creations of the ages of Ancient Rome and the Renaissance.

Bhutan, South Asia

Mysterious Bhutan has always attracted travelers. It is called "the country of happy people". In the Himalayas the lost sense of time and space, the ethereal beauty of the landscapes and Buddhist shrines set up in a special way. But then there are many luxurious hotels where you can relax in comfort.

San Sebastian, Spain

In the Basque Country has its own pearl. The Cantabrian coast is located the colorful city of San Sebastian. In addition to the beautiful landscapes and pure sea is waiting for all gourmets there is a special bonus. They say that Basque chefs are the best in Spain. It is not surprising that there are only two restaurants with three Michelin stars: one in Paris and one here.

Yucatan, Mexico

Among the savannas and jungles of towering religious buildings of the ancient Mayan civilization. Affects scale of buildings the city of Chichen Itza, where swept into the sky, the pyramid of Kukulkan. And after this time travel you will be surprised by the beauty of the white beaches of the Caribbean sea and the Great Mesoamerican coral stripe.

Bled Island, Slovenia

Boat trip turns into the adventure of a lifetime. In the middle of a huge lake Bled is an island, where was built the chapel of the assumption. All the romance in a hurry to make then hidden from the "bell of wishes", and one of the banks you can see the Bled castle. And then a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the melted glacier. By the way, nobody is freezing, because the lake is fed by warm springs.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio-de-Janeiro — city-break. On the shores of Guanabara Bay you will be fascinated by the mountains, blue expanse with Islands and noisy metropolis. On mount Corcovado in a hurry to see one of the new wonders of the world — the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Wander through the Bohemian district of Santa Teresa and the Botanical garden. And be sure to visit the Sambodrome, where the rehearsal of the carnival, no one can resist the rhythms of Brazilian Samba.

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

In this ice-cold tale each pair will feel, Kai and Gerda. However, the Ice Hotel is suitable only for those who are not afraid of the temperature 5—8 °C. there is a main hall, restaurant and bar, chapel and rooms for every taste. Fine Art Suite with ice sculptures, Ice Room with ice furniture and simple Snow Room. Beds covered with reindeer skins, and in the morning in bed, mulled wine is served. However, the beauty of this short-lived. In the spring the ice hotel flowing streams in the river Thorne.

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