The most secluded place on Earth where it is almost impossible to get

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We tend to think that we know very well our common home — the Earth — and can visit any area. Actually it is not so, and it's not the cost of tickets.

The website learned that the world is a place where incredibly hard to get and where, in spite of everything, people live and work.

This is the Kerguelen archipelago (Kerguelen) Indian ocean, also known as the island of Bezotechestvo (Desolation Island). The nearest state — Madagascar — is 3 300 km from Kerguelen.

It would seem that there are special — modern aircraft are able to cover long distances, but here lies the problem: there are no airport.

Initially it was planned to build a runway, but to implement his plan and failed. So the only way to reach the island of Bezotechestvo the same as 100 years ago, to swim on the ship.

None of the inhabitants of Kerguelen is not there all the time — in the archipelago all year round living, one after another, scientists and technical personnel — usually not more than 100 people. The climate is fairly harsh on the Kerguelen is no heat or severe cold, but the winds blow, sometimes up to 150-200 km/h.

In the archipelago can meet penguins, seals, seabirds, rabbits and even cats. Due to strong winds there are no trees, but there is the Kerguelen cabbage, an edible plant rich in vitamin C.

So how to get there and how long will it take? If you live in Europe, then first you need to be in Paris — this is the shortest part of the journey. Then you need to take a flight on Air France or Air Austral to reunion island (Réunion) — the flight there takes about 12 hours.

It is from the island of reunion once in 3 months sent a ship with provisions and everything necessary for the inhabitants of Kerguelen. To reach the harbour of the island of Bezotechestvo, ship "Marion Dufresne" of 6 days.

Total: to be on the Kerguelen, you will need under the most favorable conditions not less than 7 days, and the road would not be the easiest. But there you certainly won't be disturbed!

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