19 incredible things that are possible only in Dubai

Forty five million five hundred seventy five thousand six hundred ninety

All these phenomena — the ordinary indigenous people of Dubai, but to us they appear to be computer graphics and Hollywood special effects.

We Site show them to you, slightly regretting that we are not Arab sheiks.

The views here are incredible. And bottom... Twenty one million nine hundred seventy nine thousand eight hundred thirty three

And on top! Ninety million two hundred ninety three thousand two hundred three

Jeeps in Dubai, too, are "king". Sixty eight million three hundred five thousand three hundred sixty two

A typical traffic jam looks like. Eight million nine hundred twenty four thousand three hundred sixty seven

But since you can move if you don't want it to stand. Fifty million eight hundred seventy four thousand three hundred seventy six

Police patrol the streets in a Bentley, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Thirty six million three hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred three

Instead of chocolates you can buy in the vending machines with gold bars. Ninety seven million six hundred sixty four thousand three hundred sixty three

Gold respected here. Sixty two million seven hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred fifty nine

Instead of cat people in Dubai give birth to a Cheetah. Fifty seven million five hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred twenty three

Five million six hundred eighty thousand seven hundred thirty four

Or a tiger. Sixty nine million one hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred forty two

Entertainment there is no less exotic. For example, racing robot jockeys on camels. Twenty three million six hundred ninety nine thousand five hundred forty three

And you can Park a camel here. Twenty two million one hundred nine thousand two hundred fifteen

For those who are left without money in the local supermarkets there are shelves with free food. Ninety two million nine hundred sixty three thousand four hundred seventy five

And for those who have money, there are many ways to spend it. For example, to order dessert with edible gold for $ 1 000. Sixty five million six hundred ninety nine thousand eight hundred thirty eight

To stay in a hotel with a large aquarium. Ninety two million four hundred twenty nine thousand seven hundred eighty four

To play tennis. Sixty two million three hundred two thousand four hundred sixty two

To ride the surf. Thirty three million three hundred eighty one thousand two

Or skiing in the largest shopping Mall in the world, while on the street plus 50. Ninety million three hundred seventy thousand five hundred sixty three

Buy yourself a trusty steed. Forty nine million five hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred nine

And generally — in what does not deny! In Dubai it is not accepted.

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