Dubai (24 pics + text)

After 5 years in Dubai will become an ultramodern Singapore or Hong Kong. And now it is a huge building. Skyscrapers are growing like mushrooms after rain. Where six months ago was a desert - now blackened windows openings brand new candle buildings. Of the 10 standing next to each other houses, only one is showing signs of life rare light from the windows, 4 more will be on the final stage of construction, and over the 5-D will still hang cranes. The construction site stark contrast Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini, maneuvering between the red and white barriers ...

Even 38 years ago, a country like the United Arab Emirates did not exist. Were scattered emirates, warring with each other and are part of a quasi-state, called the "Trucial Oman" is under British protectorate. At the site of the modern city was a desert, on which roamed on camels Arab sheiks with their families. The largest emirate was and remains the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Oil has already found, but in Abu Dhabi it was the most - about 85% of all stocks. Emirate ran very conservative sheikh, who hid all the petrodollars in his bedroom. Then the ruling family to remove him and replace him with Sheikh Zayed. This is perhaps one of the most obvious examples, the importance of the individual in history.

Sheikh Zayed offered other 6 Emirates unite into one country. The most important thing is that Sheikh Zayed urged others not to hide in the oil-gotten wealth, and share them with their people and invest in their development. Today UAE - is one of the most socially protected countries. For example, if a local resident can not provide themselves with housing, it gives him the state. Usually this is a typical villa with garage for 2 cars and a house maid. By the way, the maid - the driver, gardener, housekeeper and nanny - also paid by the state. Here is an example of public housing:

Indigenous people in the country less than 20%. Others - visitors. Arabs themselves do not work - all the servants from other countries. Therefore, the second official language in the United Arab Emirates - English. Our guide has lived in Dubai for 14 years, but Arabic never learned. All speak English.

Dubai - is a luxury, scope and Records. Sheikh Mohammed - the ruler of Dubai - decided to turn the desert into a garden city. To do this in Dubai landed 40 million date palms. In summer the temperature here rises to 50 degrees. To survive palms, watered them daily. Water taken from the sea and pre desalinate. Watering every palm costs the state in 2000 dollars a year. Multiply that by 40 million trees, and you will receive an astronomical sum of 80 billion dollars per year for watering trees ... It's just that the sheikh had a dream and means ...

Most palms are also wrapped with garlands and illuminated at night:

Construction is often conducted without regard to economic feasibility. Everything has to be the biggest, the tallest, most luxurious, most-most. Funds for this not regret. Affects the speed with which the city is built. Where you do not you will look everywhere construction:


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