Becoming Buddha

One night the Buddha enjoyed: it was a lot of music, dancing beautiful girls. Then he fell asleep. It was late and he was tired. All the girls are asleep. Middle of the night he woke up, looked at the girls, they were not so good. One of them was sleeping with his mouth open, and the other ran down the paint. On this night, penetrated reality.

Another case that led the Buddha to renounce, came when he went to take part in the celebration. On the way he met a funeral procession. He saw a dead body, which bore the burning ghat. Prior to that he had never seen any of the dead man and stared at the procession.
He was particularly struck by a very old, bent man, whose face was wrinkled and withered. Buddha asked the charioteer:
- What's wrong with this man? Why are so bent his back? What a curse fell on his head?
The driver replied:
- This is not a curse, sir. It is a natural thing that happens to all. Everyone gets old and wrinkled.
- What happened to the other person? Why do people carry it on their shoulders? - Asked the Buddha.
The driver hesitated, he knew that this is not allowed to speak, and said:
- I'm not allowed to speak, but once you've asked, now can not hide. This man died, and just all die, everyone who is born.
Suddenly there was a sannyasin, he followed the procession. Buddha asked:
- What happened to this man? Why does he wear orange?
The driver said:
- This man knew his life, he realized that life ends in death, and renounced it.
Buddha said:
- Turn, I denied ...
At night he left the palace. Old faithful servant went to see him off. By morning, they began to say goodbye. The old man began to cry and said:
- Why are you leaving? Listen to me, I tell you, as a father. The night is dark. Where Will You Go This beautiful palace, a beautiful wife, comfort!
- Do not try to dissuade me - Buddha said, - I can no longer live unconsciously, I'm going in search of consciousness.
Siddhartha was the only son of his father. Old father, he was already 70 years old when he left the palace.
The enraged father sent people to the ends of his kingdom with an order to seize power and son to return home. He was insulted, rumors reached him that his son had joined the monks and begging. He thought, "What is this nonsense? What he lacked? He betrayed me in my old age! »
Therefore, Siddhartha was forced to leave his kingdom.


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