Wesak Festival

Every year in the full moon of May Buddhists around the world celebrate Vesak, which in many countries is considered a major religious holiday. Vesak for adherents of Buddhism thrice blessed date: according to the legend, on this day, there were three significant events in the life of the Buddha - the birth, enlightenment and death (passing into nirvana).

Vesak - a Buddha's birthday and the time of his enlightenment and death. The Holiday refers to the Theravada tradition, where all these events occur simultaneously. The holiday falls on the full moon of the second month of the Indian calendar. This year the event falls on the 27th of May, but preparation for it has long been underway, because this night shall be light as well as the day.

The Indian name of the month - Veshakha that sounds like a Sinhalese Vesak. The focus of the celebration Buddha's enlightenment, which marks a turning point in the knowledge of the truth.

On this day adorn the local churches and lanterns lit at nightfall, which symbolizes the enlightenment that comes peace. For Wesak lanterns are made of paper on a light wooden frame.


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