Ten tips from financial gurus - Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki - a real guru in the world of business and financial coaching. Robert Kiyosaki, author of many best-selling books, the most popular of which is a series of books "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." He is a successful man, a businessman and investor.

Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki KiyosakiRobert - a real guru in the world of business and financial coaching. His book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "CASHFLOW Quadrant", "If you want to be rich and happy do not go to school" sold millions of snapping up like hotcakes. His play "Cash flow" has become extremely popular because it teaches people to understand money, laws that move the money into our lives and of our lives.

Robert was born in a family of teachers, and spent his childhood in Hawaii. His father worked as the head of the education committee. In the study, Robert Kiyosaki was sent to New York. After graduation, he went to serve in the Navy and took part in the fighting in Vietnam.

Avoid money to work for you rather than you to work for money - one of the key principles of Robert Kiyosaki.

After the war, he returned home and decided to go into business. In 1977, he created a company to produce nylon wallets elite "Surfer", which earned him millions of profit. Since 1985, Robert began to teach conducting business using the game approach. His disciples, thousands of people from 7 countries. At the same time he is engaged in investment (eg aspirateur robot) and real estate operations. In his spare time to create a popular business game "SASHFLOW", through which you can learn the basic principles of investing.

Kiyosaki lamented the uselessness and outdated school without giving any knowledge and skills about money handling and how to earn them. Robert Kiyosaki wanted to educate people to invest with minimal risk and get high returns, trying to wake up in every financial genius.

Ten tips from Robert Kiyosaki

The only difference between the rich and poor is the way they use their time.
It's not about how much money you will be able to earn, and how much can be maintained.
The reason that so many financial advisors call themselves brokers is that they tell it to you.
The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. A middle class buys liabilities, thinking that this asset.
The work is very short-term, to resolve the long-term problems.
Be sure friends will require you to be more or less explaining why you can not do it.
The poor, the unfortunate, unhappy and unhealthy is the one who often uses the word "tomorrow».
Money - the kind of basic resources. Like water, food, air and shelter they affect all, but for some reason, scientists believe money below their social status
Inside every problem lies an opportunity
Today - term winners. Tomorrow - the word losers.

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